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I ended up posting a lot on Tumblr.  I felt self-conscious, because Catyuy actually saw a post I made last week, but I wasn't unkind.  Here's what I said there.

·         season four rewatch — “Thanksgiving," “Swan Song," and “Glee, Actually"

I was at the computer at 8:00 p.m. for the F Yeah Glee Podcast rewatch podcast, and there were technical difficulties, which seem to happen about half the time with the podcasts. I feel sad when that happens. I missed having more input from Ryan (firesnaps). The podcast technical difficulty that is really hard for me is when the name cards don’t come up, because then I have no idea who is talking except for Jak when she’s on, because I recognize her voice. This time the name cards seemed to mostly be working.

Other times the participants have gotten right down to it and gone scene by scene through the episode. This time there was general conversation for about half an hour. I hoped that they’d get to a discussion of the episode parts that I was interested in, and was glad that they did.

I have posted repeatedly elsewhere that I wasn’t that interested in the newbies in general. I was very interested in Unique, and I liked Jake, but I cared more about certain established characters. The rewatch podcast folks are interested in Kurt and Blaine, which is what I watch for, but they do make the effort to discuss other characters and plots.

Calanthe-b/Callie-quite-contrary has probably influenced me a bit when it comes to my view of Rachel. The character herself said that she was annoying. Other characters thought so in season one and parts of season two. Here I’ll just say that I agree with Callie. I tend to identify more with male characters, and that’s just me.

I saw the “Thanksgiving" episode before I watched “Moulin Rouge," but once I saw “Moulin Rouge" I saw how the end of “Thanksgiving" was like a “Moulin Rouge" scene, as others had pointed out.

I was glad in “Thanksgiving" that Tina finally got a song. She had named a couple of plays with Asian characters in her suggestions for the school play, and then got the spotlight when it was a Korean song. Tina gets stereotyped a lot by other characters. This season it seemed to me that she was trying to use the stereotypes, but I’ve heard a variety of arguments about what was happening with stereotypes from people who know more than I do. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt about it being the characters that feel that way, like, for instance, some of the characters being homophobic. Except for slurs from Sue, racism wasn’t directly addressed very much until the character of Jake and his storylines came along. Or, that was the way I perceived it, anyway.

There was a bit of discussion about how Blaine, and especially parts of Blaine, were objectified. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with that. Again, opinions varied with the people I followed, but the majority seemed to be okay with it.

I liked Sue’s imaginings of what would happen to the students when New Directions was disbanded, and I liked what they actually ended up doing.

I was interested in several of the “Glee, Actually" plotlines. I said at the time that I could picture some disability activists being infuriated with Artie’s plotline. While I could see that, I appreciated that there’s now a canon AU. I enjoyed seeing another version of how things could have turned out, although I wasn’t happy with Quinn dying in that AU. I don’t like character death, and dying of a “broken heart" didn’t sit too well with me, when it came across to me like she wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t been disabled.

I was very interested in the scenes with Kurt and Burt, and Kurt and Blaine. As I said, that’s what I watch for, for the most part. I noted at the time I saw the episode that I felt emotionally jerked around by the episode. I suppose that was the aim. I was happy about the Christmas duet.

I saw at the time various lesbian bloggers reacting to the Brittany and Sam relationship developing, and the lines about lesbian bloggers. Some were amused and some were not. I wasn’t upset about Brittany and Sam’s relationship. Brittany and Santana’s relationship was one of the ones I liked best, but apparently I wasn’t heavily invested in it.

I noted that Santana and Brittany couldn’t have gotten married in Ohio. I learned a good bit about colonialism with reactions to the Mayan storyline. None of the characters are reliable narrators all the time, though some are more reliable than not. There are still Mayans, though.

I liked the Puckerman brothers bonding. I noticed the conflict against the laws about not getting a tattoo that’s at least a part of Orthodox Judaism, though Puck and Jake don’t seem Orthodox. And it was a Star of David tattoo, which was that much more ironic. I liked Jake’s mother (I think her name is Tanisha?) and how the family came together.

I like Millie Rose, Marley’s mother. I liked Marley and Unique’s friendship. I never got very interested in what happened to Marley herself. Perhaps part of it was not being as interested in what happened with straight, cis, female characters. Unique was one of the few girl characters I liked. She had a strong personality, but reached out to others and was a very sympathetic character to me.

I liked Mercedes, too. I realized how much I missed her on those occasions she came back to visit. She was usually kind to others. Then again, I liked Lauren Zizes, too, and Lauren was frequently unkind. I liked her attitude, though.

I ended up posting far more about my viewpoints and other things I’ve read than about the podcast itself. I’m enjoying the podcasts, and this one eventually did hit all the points I wanted to hear about. It turned out to be a long podcast, but I thought it was well worth listening to.

Since I'm on LJ now, the lesbian bloggers I saw were Heather Hogan and and other AfterEllen bloggers, who were not amused, and Letters from Titan, who was amused.

The colonialism and racism posts I saw from Biyuti.  I didn't know how they'd feel about me naming them in a Glee fandom Tumblr post.  I recommend their Biyuti blog Glee posts, and hope they make a book of their season four episode reactions at some point, which I've told them.  I'm looking forward to the publication of the season three episode reactions book.

As I've said here, I'm mostly watching for Kurt and Blaine.  The first episode I saw as it aired was "Original Song," and it gave me certain expectations.  I identify with Kurt.  Not that I'm fashionable or a gay boy, but I find him sympathetic.

I don't identify with any of the female characters.  I guess that's true for a lot of things I see and read.  I'm not going to try to analyze that at the moment.  Maybe later this week.
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