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Saturday so far

I tried to go to sleep around 2:30 a.m. or so.  S.M. woke me by calling a little before 11:00 a.m.  She said she didn't consider that I might have still been asleep because she'd been up for hours.

I finished up the editing job I posted about last entry.  I read the first story in the series.  The dialogue at the end of the first story was supposed to be the same as the dialogue at the beginning of the story I was editing, and it was a little different.  I corrected the dialogue at the beginning of the second story to match the first.

I went to Barnes & Noble and read a bit of Happy Snak.  That one is science fiction with aliens, and has a female protagonist.  I liked the protagonist, or like her so far, anyway.  I'll probably go back tomorrow to read more.

I went to the Nook class.  The other people there had Nook HDs.  V. showed them the basics of that.  That's the one where you can check e-mail and watch movies on.  V. said movies took a long time to load if you were buying or renting the movie.  Movies streaming from Wi-Fi don't take a long time like that.  V. said I could explain about side-loading books, since I do that.  I said that sometimes I got books directly from a publisher, and downloaded them to the computer, then attached the USB cord to the computer and downloaded the books to the Nook.  Or that you could attach the Nook to the computer and download books from publisher to Nook.  I said they should be in e-pub format.  I should have said that you can do that with books that don't have DRM.

Later: I watched "Thanksgiving," "Swan Song" and "Glee, Actually" for the season four rewatch.  I fast-forwarded through some of Rachel singing in "Swan Song."  Calanthe-b has influenced me to a certain degree on Rachel, but I got very tired of Rachel in season three.

Letters from Titan said that the "Let's Have a Kiki" scene in "Thanksgiving" was "the gayest thing I've ever seen."  That's saying a lot, coming from her.  I spent a couple years of college regularly going to gay bars with friends, and have seen a few amateur drag shows.  I volunteered for a couple of years as an adult with the GLBTQ organization at the college.  Seeing a go-go boy at one of the bars on an Easter weekend dressed up with a bunny tail was up there.  I suppose that scene was somewhat up there as far as TV goes, but I'd have to go with real life happenings for really up there.

Santana said in a later episode, "Just when you think it can't get any gayer, it does."  I thought that could apply to the whole show.  She was talking about Kurt and Rachel celebrating something.
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