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watching "Dynamic Duets" season four podcast

Last night I watched the season four rewatch podcast of "Dynamic Duets."  The participants all identified themselves as "Blaine stans," but waited until the end to talk about Blaine and Sam's developing friendship.  They talked about the newbies, and about the society of superheroes.  I read a lot of comic books when I was younger, and appreciated the superheroes theme.

When they talked about Jake, they asked if people really got bullied for being biracial.  I couldn't believe they hadn't heard of that.  From the name card pictures, all of the podcast participants were white.  One panelist said that people will be bullied for anything different about them.  All in all, though, I thought that was a fail in discussing Jake.  So far in all the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcasts where Jake is discussed, they had hardly mentioned race.  This time when they did, they were not informed.

I ended up doing a post on Tumblr about it.
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