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Tuesday so far

I fell asleep at 2-something a.m.  I woke around 9:45 a.m. or so.  It wasn't eight hours of sleep, but it wasn't bad.  S.M. had e-mailed me to say that I should come over after all.  We had planned to get together for lunch, and then she wrecked her feet by exercising in new shoes.  Her heels were all blistered and the skin was scraped up.  I don't know why she kept exercising after it hurt.  She told me all this on Monday.  I called, and she said she was feeling much better.

I took Mom grocery shopping in the morning, and then went over to S.M.'s.  We had lunch, and then I helped her with various computer things.  I had saved my pictures from the garden club June tea party onto a flash drive, and copied that into her pictures folder.  We printed out the ones she liked.

Shandyall had updated "Cadences," and I read that before I went out.  I re-read chapter 14 of "Grey."  I'm re-reading "All the Other Ghosts."  I need to read some library books.

Later: I finally finished reading Nine for the Devil, a John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery.  That was a library book I'd had on and off for a couple of months.  I had read part of it some time ago, but read the whole thing tonight.  I believe it's the last in the series.

Later still: For a couple of days, So Thinky/Just Thinky has been recommending Real Person Fiction.  Within the last two weeks or so, I unfollowed two people because I was trying to stay away from RPF, which I don't want to read.  One person summarized an RPF menage story that she had read.  One had gifs that were captioned to be RPF.  I realize that if I unfollowed everyone I follow who recommended RPF and/or reblogged it that that would be almost everybody I follow.  I don't want to unfollow Just Thinky.  I feel like a hypocrite.  It doesn't feel as bad to me if it's behind a cut, so I don't start reading something without realizing what it is.  As I said recently, I'm finding the idea of RPF featuring people who are probably actually dating to be as distressing as RPF of people who definitely aren't.

(The next day: I told So Thinky some of what I felt.  She tagged her RPF as that.  I need to get an addition so I can blacklist anything with "RPF" as a tag.  But it was nice of her.)
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