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early Friday

I had the opportunity to get a ticket to see Darren Criss' concert in Silver Spring, but my aunt and uncle are having a thirtieth wedding anniversary party on Saturday.  The party is apparently going into Sunday morning.  They live in New York state, and I can't get from that part of New York state to Silver Spring in one afternoon.  I am bummed out about not getting to the concert, but I haven't seen some members of Dad's side of the family since Uncle R.T.'s funeral., and before that since Grandma S.'s memorial service.  It will be nice to see them on a happy occasion.

Mom wants me to -- what else -- take her shopping today.

Later: Mom and I went shopping.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch.

I proofread A.'s article about the Stonewall Riots and sent it back to him.

Later still: Likearumchocolatesouffle reblogged a post and commentary on fan fic writers writing Mercedes, and about slave fic.  I posted a little about slave fic fairly recently.  I gave my opinions on what Mr. Souffle asked about, but said that it wasn't really my opinions that mattered.  I said there was a lot of writing out there about problems with depictions of Black characters.  Using the word "chocolate" in describing a character is very frequently stated as a problem.  A writer using African-American Vernacular English when a character doesn't necessarily use it can be a problem, and whether they get it right another problem.  If you're breaking the grammatical rules of it, some people will know.  Mercedes used African-American Vernacular English sometimes in the first few episodes of Glee, and then after that I think only a couple of words here and there at times.  Santana uses it every so often, and her first dialect is Standard American English, so it's glaringly noticeable to me when she does it.  "We's be going to Breadstix," she said.  I don't even think that's the correct grammar.  I'll have to look it up.  Maybe that's why I notice it so much when it's Santana.  Artie uses AAVE.  And that's all in canon.  I've heard a good bit about Artie being appropriative.

I really haven't read fic that centers on Mercedes.  I imagine I'd think to some extent about criticism of white writers writing Black characters while reading much of that, like I think about criticism of straight women writers writing gay male characters in a fair amount of my reading.  It would be secondhand critique for me.  Still, I have some consciousness of it.

I wondered when looking at The Backlot's Hot 100 if anyone had nominated Alex Newell.  So many of the other Glee actors must have gotten a lot of nominations.  The Backlot, and before that AfterElton, doesn't seem to have many articles about Alex Newell.  Or, I don't see him in the headlines of the Briefs and Memes, and he's doing performances at events like the AIDS walk.  I think he's going to be at a Pride event (in Boston?).  He's involved in the gay community.  I'll have to ask A. if he's seen mention of him.  There was an article about how he's in the movie "Geography Club."  I read the book.  My perception is that straight actors who play gay get a lot more attention than he does on The Backlot.  I don't know if that's true.

I really should make a "race" tag, but I still feel that that's presumptuous.  It's a topic I'll talk about easily enough here.  Maybe I will make a tag if I think it's going to be a regular topic for me.
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