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Wednesday so far

I was reading These Things Happen by Richard Kramer last night.  I think I tried to get to sleep around 1:30 or 2:00 a.m., and woke at 9:30 a.m. or so, which wasn't bad.  I finished These Things Happen in the morning.

Mom and Dad were out much of the morning.  It turned out that Mom went to see some doctors.  Mom had been complaining that her left thumb hurt a lot.  She came back with a splint that went from her fingers nearly up to her elbow.  It's a removable splint, but she's supposed to wear it for a couple of weeks.  It's not like she was driving anyway.  The time she'll be wearing the splint overlaps the time until she can get a new prescription for her glasses.

I made it to an appointment. I went to the grocery store.

I texted A. about the news from the Supreme Court.  He had been following it.

I watched "The Role You Were Born To Play" and "Glease."  Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast was having a discussion of the episodes in their season four rewatch.  Axe and Ryan are the hosts, but apparently Ryan was having technical difficulties, and only managed to get into the last few minutes of the podcast.  The guests were Connie and Caitlin.  I believe Connie participated in the podcast about canon disabilities.  Her voice sounded familiar.

Axe, Connie and Caitlin talked about Unique.  Axe apologized for if she was using the wrong terminology.  Someone (Connie?) called Unique "he."  The group didn't seem terrifically up on trans* issues.  Not that I am an expert, but they weren't experts.  They really should get someone who knows more about genderqueerness for discussions of later episodes that heavily feature Unique. Unique got a lot of transmisogyny in the episodes they discussed tonight, including being misgendered several times.  I think it was "Glease" that we got to see Unique's parents.  They were concerned for her.  That was the episode where they said Unique had to wear boy clothes during school hours.

To be fair, the podcasters have never claimed to be experts on assorted topics.  They have gotten people who knew about topics for some discussions.  On the other hand, I was upset when people who were not disabled started saying that it was wrong to have a podcast that had the subject of mental illness unless at least two of the participants were mentally ill themselves.  Pretty much they forced the participants in that podcast to disclose what their disabilities were.  I got the insistence that you should have representation of minorities if you are discussing minorities.  The specific way the insistence was brought to bear on that particular topic did not seem right to me.

The next podcast, the one that talked about perceived disabilites, was several people who weren't experts and/or living it casually diagnosing depression and other mental illnesses, and I didn't care for the way that went.  It's not really logical that I wasn't happy either way.  I'm at least being difficult to please.  I believe in representation, but not outing other people.

In this rewatch podcast, they talked about the start of Marley's eating disorder.  Someone (Axe?) said her mother had an eating disorder.  They talked about the logic or lack thereof of Marley getting an eating disorder because her costumes didn't fit her, when her street clothes did, and she could have gotten on a scale.  This is the same show that had a fake pregnancy, so it's not like realism hasn't gone by the wayside before.

They talked about how they really weren't that interested in the newbies.  A panelist or two said she'd gotten to like them by the end of the season.  They were more interested in Unique than the other new characters, it seemed like.  I was more interested in Unique and Jake than the other newbies.  Mostly I wanted to see Kurt and Blaine, though, and there was a good bit of Blaine in the season.

I'll have to listen again to remember what, but there was another serious topic that the participants weren't experts on.  I truly am being difficult to please.  This wasn't it, but in the podcast that included discussion of the Puckerman family, they discussed Jake a good bit, and there was very little, if any, discussion of race.  One of Jake's major storylines, perhaps the most major, was about him being biracial.  There was no mention tonight of Mercedes' line (from "The Role You Were Born To Play"?) about how she didn't get the part of Maria in West Side Story because she was Black.  Artie did seem a little more distressed in his "That was last year" reply than I had remembered.  In one of the episodes discussed tonight, Kitty calls Jake half-Black.  There were a number of overt mentions of race this season.  I hope that gets discussed sooner or later.
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