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I rewatched "The Break-Up" in preparation for the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast's podcast on it.  I thought it might put me into a spiral, but it didn't.  "I Do" gave me a lot of hope.  "Wonder-ful" and "All or Nothing" showed that Blaine was wildly hopeful about being with Kurt.  Kurt was trying to draw boundaries again in the last of the season, saying that he wasn't going to hook up with Blaine again.  I don't know what will happen.  They're talking again, they're best friends who are in love with each other -- I think they'll get back together at some point.

I remember spiraling after I saw "The Break-Up" for the first time.  It wasn't right after, because I was telling myself that it was fiction.  I think it was before the next episode, though.  It wasn't anywhere near what some people had in the way of a spiral, judging by what I read, but I did feel down.  I never stopped telling myself that it was fiction, but there were times that worked pretty well for me, and times it didn't work as well.
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