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Tuesday so far

I went to sleep around 2:30 a.m. or so, I think, and woke at 11:00 a.m.

It was pouring rain for a while, and I turned my computer off when I heard thunder.

Dad and I went to the podiatrist.  He's having physical therapy for a bad tendon, and mine was just a regular checkup.  My feet are fine.

The Backlot had the 51-100 of the Hot 100 yesterday.  I'm waiting for today's 1-50.  They're doing it in conjunction with AfterEllen, so I think it will be 50 men and 50 women.  It makes no sense to me to combine the lists like that.  Sure, it's great for bisexuals, but the gay men and straight women members of The Backlot are going to want to see the men, and the lesbians of AfterEllen are going to want to see the women.  Why post a mix?  It's the Logo Hot 100 now.  I'll see if it makes any sense when I see it.  I'm trying to avoid being spoiled on the results.  Last year I was spoiled on the top two of the AfterElton Hot 100 by reading a Tumblr post by Letters from Titan.

A few hours later: I saw the Logo Hot 100.  I still think it's ridiculous to put the men and women on the same list.  The woman in the number one spot was someone I'd never heard of, not that I hear of that much.  I'd heard of the men of 2, 4, 6 and 8.  I'd heard of 5 and 7 of the women.  Three of the guys in the top ten are out.  I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for that list.

The tagline for it is: "The Hottest Women.  The Hottest Men.  Together at last!"  I think that's a seriously unfortunate tagline.  Since there's no place to complain on The Backlot or AfterEllen, I'll complain here.  I don't really mind the results for what would be the top three of the men's list if it were separate.  I'm glad there are some of the Hot 100 who are out.  I wish they had tagged who was out, like they have in some previous years when it was separate lists.  All in all, I'm happy I wasn't spoiled, but I wish it were separate lists.

Slightly later than that: Apparently there is a separate photo gallery for The Backlot's top 50 now, but I couldn't open it.  GleekTO had the results.  I'm waiting for The Backlot to have their actual article up.

Later still: I managed to get the 1-50 Backlot photo gallery open on the Logo site.  I'm pretty happy about the results.  I think there will be less bitching than there would have been otherwise about the results, but I could be wrong.


Matt Bomer was #1.  I don't mind that.  Perhaps some of The Backlot members will be happy that it's someone who doesn't look like a teenager.  He is someone who's appeared on Glee, but he was known relatively widely for things before that, if I'm understanding correctly.  I think a lot of The Backlot members will be happy that someone gay was at #1.  I didn't care about that in the impassioned way that some do, but I think it's good.

Darren Criss was #2.  I don't really think he looks like a teenager.  The Backlot described him as a musician, which he is, but could have also described him as an actor.  That was an interesting choice of description.

Chris Colfer was #3.  He still looks more like a teenager, though not as much as he did a couple of years ago, when he actually was a teenager.  There's mixed opinion on The Backlot about whether he's cute.  Obviously there were a lot of votes on the "yes" side.

I think I voted for all of them.  I don't remember for sure if I voted for Matt Bomer, but I think I did.  Two out of the three guys in the top three are gay, and two out of the three are perhaps best known for playing gay characters on TV.  There was a pretty good showing of actors from Glee, with Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron high among the women on the list.  Jonathan Groff was known for other things besides playing Jesse St. James.  I hadn't seen anyone minding that he was on the Hot 100.  I'm curious to see what the comments on The Backlot are.

Later: A. and I had been texting during the day.  When he got the chance to look at the Hot 100, I called him, and we discussed that.  We discussed many other topics as well.
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