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Monday so far

I didn't sleep well.  I got very sleepy around midnight, had a big snack, and dozed for a while.  I woke at 3:00 a.m.  I watched "Bad Reputation" and "Laryngitis."  I lay down again, and dozed for another couple of hours.  I got up at 8:30 a.m.  I did not actually get all that much sleep, and what I got wasn't good sleep.

During the day I watched "Dream On," "Funk," "Theatricality," and "Journey to Regionals."  I got through season one much more quickly than I thought I would, after a while where I waited for Dad to want to watch more episodes.  It's turning into a true marathon.

Mom went to the opthamologist. He said she was legal to drive, but she still wasn't feeling good about driving. It's another five weeks until she can get a new eyeglass prescription. It's going to be a long five weeks.

Slightly later: I took Mom to the allergist.  He used to have an office ten or fifteen minutes away, but now only has one half an hour away.  We went to the grocery store after that.  I got sushi for dinner.

I'll probably pick up with the marathon soon.  I'll read over my editing job again tonight or tomorrow.

Later: I watched "Audition," "Britney/Brittany," "Grilled Cheesus," "Duets," "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" and "Never Been Kissed."  I had watched "Audition" quite recently, so I fast-forwarded through some of that.  I fast-forwarded through parts of "Never Been Kissed."  I watched the scenes with Kurt, and the girls' performance.  I'd watched that episode several times before.  I don't like those scenes where the boys picture Coach Beiste to cool off.  I may watch "Never Been Kissed" again tomorrow, and watch more of the Artie and Puck scenes.  I remembered them pretty well from seeing them before, though.  Blaine being Kurt's Teenaged Dream are the parts of the episode I'm most interested in.  I've seen various people doing meta saying that Blaine gives terrible advice.  I guess so.  Kurt still finds him crush-worthy.  Kurt has a picture of Blaine up in his locker by the end of the episode.

In "The Rocky Horror Glee Show," Sam says he was asked to be June in the Men of McKinley calendar.  The fourth season wasn't the first time they had a Men of McKinley calendar.  It was the first time the audience had seen one.

There are people who say that the first thirteen episodes of the show are great, and then it went way downhill.  I don't think so.  Watching in a marathon, I'm seeing all kinds of continuity.  In "Goodbye" and episodes just previous to that, Kurt remembered many things that had happened in three years.  The characters don't forget.

Although Kurt and Blaine were broken up by the fourth episode of the fourth season, I still thought it was a good season.  I've seen gay characters who were a couple on TV and broke up become straight.  I was glad that didn't happen on Glee.  I was worried for a while with Blaine and Tina, but that was resolved to a great extent in "I Do."

The Backlot (formerly AfterElton) is doing the Hot 100 in two parts.  Today was 50-100.  Thore and Jo were still on the Hot 100.  Jacob Artist was on there.  I only put in nominations one day, not over the course of many days.  Those were three of the men I nominated, so clearly many others nominated them, too.  I expect all kinds of nasty comments about some of the guys I'm guessing will be in tomorrow's results.  Maybe I shouldn't even read the comments.  The Backlot is doing things in tandem with AfterEllen, so it will be Logo having fifty men and fifty women on one list, if I'm understanding it right.  I don't get why they'd do it that way.  We'll see.
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