neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday - Philadelphia Pride Day

I took the train into Philadelphia.  I thought I'd missed the parade, but I got a taxi to near Penn's Landing.  We must have gotten there just before they shut down part of Market Street.  There were little crowds on either side of the street at 2nd and Market.  The parade hadn't gotten there yet.  It started off with the motorcycle contingent, and the PFLAG folks were in the parade, and the leather folks, and a contingent from the William Way Center.  There were a number of others.

I went to the Pride Fest, which was on Penn's Landing.  I got a funnel cake, but didn't get any souvenirs this year.

I felt good about making it to the parade.  I walked from Penn's Landing back down Market Street, and got a taxi at 6th and Market, which is near Independence Hall.  I didn't have the trouble getting to and from Penn's Landing that I thought I might, so that worked out okay.
Tags: event, glbtq

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