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Today's Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast had a lot of technical difficulties, but I thought it ended up being a pretty good one.  The topic was the Badboy/Skank trope.  It's the fan fiction and fan art where Kurt or Blaine is a badboy or a Skank.  I've seen a few photo manips of Kurt with pink hair and piercings, and he looks good like that.  Or I think so, anyway.  There were a number of fic recommendations.  I didn't know that "Little Yellow Tags" was a badboy fic.  That should be easy enough to find.  I follow Lurkdesoleil's Tumblr.  There were a couple I'd read, and others I'd heard of.  Some of the ones I'd heard of were ones that I have marked to read.  I've read Rainjoy's "Fix" and Herostratic's "Good (You Know What I Mean)."  "Good (You Know What I Mean)" has Blaine being Filipino, which was yet another thing I appreciated about it.  I liked badboy!Kurt in that one.  Somehow it really worked, while still keeping Kurt's interest in fashion and how he sounded.  Unlike in canon, it's not interpreted as Kurt being gay.  The Blaine in that fic is very innocent and tries to blend in and make people happy.  Rainjoy's "Fix" has badboy!Blaine, which works well in its own way.

I'll look for some of the others.  They say they'll put a post with links up on the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast Tumblr.
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