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Friday so far

I was tired, but not sleepy last night.  I tried to get to sleep for a couple of hours, then I think finally fell asleep after 2:00 a.m.  It's very frustrating.  I woke around 10:30 a.m.  At least I'd gotten a pretty good night's sleep after I finally went to sleep.

I made it to an appointment.

I went to the Indian grocery.  They didn't have goat curry today.  I got three different masalas.  I got the usual chicken tikka masala, butter paneer masala, and a masala with okra in it.  I also got a couple of naan.  I had one of the naan and a little bit of each kind of masala when I got home.

It was raining pretty hard today, so I didn't go out to the roses.

I watched some jukebox songs on my Glee DVDs.  I wish they had the jukebox for the first half of the first season, because there are some songs I really like in those episodes.  I've got to get back into my marathon.  I watched "Audition" the other day.  I'll watch it again in the proper order.  There are some episodes I've watched more than others.  I'll probably watch "Blame It On the Alcohol," "Original Song," and "The First Time" more than once in the course of the summer.  I don't agree with Kurt's ideas of bisexuality in "Blame It On the Alcohol," but there are other parts of the episode I like a lot.  Brittany kind of proved him wrong about bisexuality, at least in women.  Brittany never outright called it bisexuality, although she said if Kurt was a unicorn, she was a "bi-corn."  She also called it her "fluid teen sexuality."  Minus the "teen" part, that's how I feel.  Otherwise I don't identify with Brittany.

I'll probably watch "Glee, Actually" again out of order as well as in order.  At first I thought how the part with Artie's dream sequence would infuriate some disability activists, but I liked the alternate world Artie's interactions with Kurt, and that there's an alternate world in canon now.  I noted at the time I watched the episode that I felt emotionally jerked around, but the Kurt and Burt scenes were so good, and the Kurt and Blaine scenes.  I liked the Puckerman family scenes.

I fast-forward through scenes I feel like I don't need to watch more than once.  I've watched a number of episodes fast-forwarding through Rachel parts.  I know she's meant to be annoying, but by the third season it was really getting to me.  In the first couple of seasons, she was annoying, but people actually got annoyed with her.  By season three, everyone who had found her annoying was cheering for her for most of the season, with blips of exceptions from Kurt and even more briefly from Tina.  It's beyond merely not identifying with her, because I don't identify with any of the girls.

I'm not a fan of Quinn.  She lied and schemed during what were desperate circumstances for her, but was still cruel and scheming when she didn't need to be.  Santana is cruel, too.  She had reasons to be angry, but there are other circumstances where she seemed cruel just for the sake of cruelty.  I like Mercedes.  I liked Tina up until season four.  I liked Lauren Zizes.

I don't dislike the regular male student characters in the same way I dislike some of the female student characters.  Finn is the one I've really disliked on occasion, but my anger at the things he does doesn't stick like it did for Rachel, Quinn and Santana, except for him outing Santana.  That I hold a grudge about.  I started watching when Puck had already reformed to a large extent, and he had sympathetic moments even early on.  I was never a Karofsky fan.  Kurt forgave him, but I still didn't love him like some other Glee fans did.  Jacob ben Israel harassed Rachel.  As for the adults, Terri was so awful she made Will look good.  Sandy was supposed to be horrifying.  Generally the things I find horrifying are things I think are supposed to be horrifying.

Artie is sexist, and he started out being at least somewhat homophobic.  Kurt wasn't afraid of him, because Artie couldn't be violent towards him the way the other boys could.  Artie got called out for sexism.  I thought he could have stood to be called out for it more often than the once, but maybe it will happen again.  I generally liked Mike, except in "Props," where he supported Rachel over Tina.  Mike was usually pretty nice, though.  Sam has his faults, but he's more sympathetic than not to me.  He started out specifically not being homophobic, in contrast to Finn.  Sam not being homophobic went a long way with me.

I was never a big fan of Rory.  He started out trying to trick Brittany into getting with him, when she was with Santana.  Someone on AfterElton said he was treated like the Irish were in 1840, and I realized eventually that his story was a xenophobia story.  It made the comment one bully made, "Go back to Mexico!" make a lot more sense.  It took me quite a while to realize that xenophobia was the story.  It was easy enough to realize that Rachel was xenophobic towards Sunshine in "Audition."  On the show, white men get stories that are more often women's stories, and/or the stories of people of color.  It's not that the things don't happen to men, but they're more rare.  Minority characters get prejudice from people of color, like Mercedes got from Santana in "Asian F," and has happened many other times.

Jake got as much prejudice from Black characters for being biracial as he got racism from white characters.  So Jake did have a storyline about racism, but was getting prejudice from almost everyone.  Jake got a story about anti-Semitism, too, but got support from Puck there.  I've seen meta that Jake is being positioned as the next multiracial heartthrob character of the show.  It's canon that Black women and white women find Jake attractive.  I like Jake.  He was angry, but he wasn't a bully like Puck was.  He saw the members of New Directions as freaks, but joined New Directions anyway.  I'm the most interested in him of any of the characters introduced in the fourth season.

While I liked Jake and Unique, I did miss seeing more of Kurt and Mercedes.  I liked Millie Rose.  I was interested in her.  I would love to see Betty appear again.  I liked the amount of Blaine this season, but he's a favorite character of mine.  I didn't miss Finn in the episodes he wasn't in.  I didn't miss Rachel in the episodes she wasn't in.  To an extent the new kids grew on me.  I'm still not interested in Marley except in her friendship with Unique.  There really weren't "love-to-hate" villains this year, to me.

GLAAD will likely specifically recognize Glee again when they report on media representation of GLBT characters.  While there wasn't as much of Kurt and Santana, there was Unique.  I'm sure there wasn't an episode without at least one queer character, and sometimes there were several queer characters in an episode.  GLAAD breaks it down by race, as well.  They had a percentage for "unknown" on Fox last year.  I think that was Blaine.  But in Unique they have a Black trans woman character who appeared in a number of episodes this season.  They recognized Santana as being a Latina lesbian.  They'll probably recognize Bernard, also known as Sycophant #2.  But there was so much visibility for GLBT characters, most of whom were sympathetic much of the time.

Perhaps Glee will be recognized again for having several disabled characters, some played by disabled actors.  At least it's recognized by individuals, anyway, though there are some organizations that report on characters with disabilities.  I can't name them, but I hear of them.  I can understand why some disability activists get angry at the dream sequence scenes with Artie standing up and walking, but he's usually a fairly sympathetic character.  I don't like Becky as a character, mostly because she's mean, but many people do like her.  As I said, I loved Betty.  Emma is usually relatively sympathetic.  There's kind of a range of what gets played for jokes and what's more serious.  Still, there's some representation.

The diversity of the characters on the show amazes me.
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