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I called S.M. at 10 or 11 a.m.  We were talking about getting together so I could help her with e-mail.  She said she was going to go exercise at Planet Fitness, and then we could go to lunch.  I burned some CDs for her.  I went to her house, and she took me out to lunch from there.  When we came back to her house, I helped her with e-mail.

Mom called to say that her eye was blurry, and that she was going from work to the opthamologist.  She wanted me to meet Dad at home and drive him to the opthamologist so he could drive her home in her car.  We did this.  Mom's new lens was okay, but the eye doctor did dilate her eye so he could see, so Mom was glad to have someone drive her home.

Shortly after Mom and Dad got home, S.M. came over.  I showed her my roses and gave her some, and burned another CD for her.  I'd been typing up an e-mail with the songs on the CDs, and I printed that out.

It turned out to be kind of a busy day.

Later: I'd replied to a post Likearumchocolatesouffle made a couple of weeks ago, and my reply got cut off after so many characters, so I reblogged it and tried to reconstruct what I'd said.  It was about Unique being Ryder's catfish.  I thought there might well be intersectionality in why Unique thought Ryder would like a "cute blonde."  Unique had experienced Ryder being transmisogynistic.  Although Unique said she was a "strong Black woman" and a "proud Black woman," she didn't specifically get a plotline about race.

Tina had a plotline about race where Mike called her a "self-hating Asian" in "Born This Way."  But aside from that episode, it was more background than main plot.

Mercedes had a specific plotline about racism in the third season, with West Side Story.  In the casting discussion, the directors seem to think there aren't Black Puerto Ricans, which is ridiculous.  Mercedes is "the riskier choice."  Artie says that he's all for colorblind casting, that he'd like to play Porgy in Porgy and Bess.  After I looked up information about Porgy and Bess, I got some idea of just how offensive that was.  Coach Beiste says that Rachel is Jewish, so she's not white, which is a loaded discussion in several ways.  In the fourth season, Mercedes finally got to say that she wasn't cast as Maria because she was Black, and Artie says that that was last year, which is at least a tacit admission.

Rachel got a couple of plotlines about race.  In canon, in the pilot episode, she doesn't know if her father is Black or white.  So she's either white or white-passing, but never checks her white or white-skin privilege.  (I will say here that I'm privileged.)  She got her picture in the Black Student Union club.  I've seen meta that Rachel would have shut Mercedes down fast enough if Mercedes talked about race.

Rachel didn't shut down Mike or Tina the same way she did with Mercedes.  Rachel did get a plotline with Sunshine in which Rachel was xenophobic.  Rachel specifically said that Sunshine was Filipino and thought that meant Sunshine didn't speak English, despite Sunshine saying she did.  In English.  Sunshine said all of her lines in English.  Later that year, in "Blame It On the Alcohol," Rachel said her infamous line about how Blaine could give her "vaguely Eurasian-looking children."  So there's some of Rachel's record with Asian/Pacific Islanders.

The actor/singer who played Sunshine just came out as a "tomboy."  To my limited understanding, that is a word adopted into Tagalog that has to do with Filipin@ concepts of gender and sexual orientation.  (I do not speak Tagalog.)  It's being translated in the U.S. as "lesbian."  I only knew of the performer, Charice, because of her appearances on Glee.  There were already over half a dozen gay and lesbian actors who have appeared on Glee, some regularly.  I'd rather talk about characters than actors, but I am counting Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Alex Newell, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Cheyenne Jackson, Ricky Martin and Matt Bomer.  I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting or don't know about.  The show hires gay and lesbian actors.  Some of the Powers That Be of Glee are gay.  Some of the crew are.  I've talked extensively about the characters.  So more representation is great.  I'm sure there are Filipin@ tomboys who are having many feelings about Charice coming out.

(Edited to add: I'm including a link to the AfterEllen article about Charice, which has links of its own and video:

It's written from a U.S. perspective.  Heather Hogan is a feminist.  I believe she's white.  I will correct that if I am wrong.  But that's my impression of where she's coming from.)
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