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     Yesterday: helped (slightly) in clearing a small portion of nature preserve of brush.  Lots of multiflora rose, brambles and greenbriar.

     At home today: blue and white mistflower blooming.  A good-sized patch of the white by the table outside.  Blue by the shade garden and in the back where the big shrubs are.  What I mean by big shrubs: American cranberrybush viburnum must be fifteen feet tall.  Quince tree has a number of quinces on it.  Winterberry berries are red already.  Winter honeysuckle must be five feet in diameter, and at least seven feet tall.  I should not have planted the big shrubs so close together, but they were a heck of a lot smaller when I got them.  I have trouble judging eventual sizes of shrubs and small trees, obviously.

     Pink-leaved and white-leaved caladiums and pink-flowered begonias still look great together.  That was the best color combination this year.  Spearmint and sage both a little leggy, but look very healthy.  I had thought that the pineapple mint in smallish pot had died over the winter, but it came back quite well.  Elecampane has gone to seed.  It had a lot of flowers, and now has a lot of fluffy heads of seed.  I'm trying to decide whether or where to scatter the seed.  The plants are big, but I am really fond of the flowers.  Golden oregano a bit leggy, but there's a lot of it.  Thyme spilling down the side of the pot right outside the back door.  Put seeds of parsley that had gone to seed back into its pot.  Parsley apparently takes a very long time to sprout, and I've never managed it, but who knows? 

     Have to go look for bulblets (bulbils?) on the stalks of the tiger lilies.  One year I collected dozens, but never did plant them.  Now that I'm planting lilies in pots, I should try again.  Red geranium doing well.  One balsam still blooming in blue-and-white pot with pink geranium.  Blue flag iris looks great -- not flowering now, of course, but has lots of leaves.  I don't think it has as pretty a flower as the orris does, but it has its own charm and delicacy.

     Weeded around roses in containers.  Apparently 'Blue Skies' bloomed and I missed it.  It is one of the ones further from the back door.  'Cardinal de Richelieu' has tripled in size since I got it as a first-year rose this spring.  'Souvenir de la Malmaison' didn't grow as dramatically as 'Cardinal de Richelieu' did, but is doing all right.  Pruned off some dead branches of a couple of the roses on the north side of the house.  Finally got to that sweet briar -- glad I was wearing calfskin gloves -- and pruned some smallish dead branches off the Jacobite rose and the mystery pink rose.  The mystery pink rose has a bloom, and lots of buds with color showing in them.  The flowers do look somewhat like the flowers of 'Konegin von Danemark', except that the Queen of Denmark isn't remontant, and the growth patterns of the roses are very different.  The mystery pink rose has leaves right under the flowers -- I think that's what Graham Stuart Thomas meant by some roses having a "high-shouldered" look.  'Fantin-Latour' did well this year.  'Ispahan' is huge.  I think that my default picture here is of 'Ispahan'  I don't think it's 'Maiden's Blush'.  (Edited to add: Apparently I did think it was 'Maiden's Blush' around the time I took the picture.)  I would like to go to the rose garden ("Dean Bond Rose Garden"?) in the Scott Arboretum in Swarthmore and try to get a picture of 'Paul Neyron', preferably in bloom.  Since I have that pun about Neyron pink in my LJ name and all.

     Hoping for some rebloom on 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' and 'Mme. Ernst Calvat'.  The saffron crocus should be coming up around 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' pretty soon.  Every so often I look to see if the colchicum flowers are coming up by the crocus garden.  Have to do something about overwintering the fuchia that's there now.  Might ask N.S. if she'll keep it again.  Between the fuchia, the geraniums, the begonias, the caladiums, the lemon verbena and the heliotropes, I have so many plants I'd like to try to overwinter.  I've never tried to overwinter caladiums before.  The rest I've tried with.  If I had money, I'd put in a greenhouse -- or at least a conservatory.


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