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out on a grocery shopping trip

Well, at least I got out of the house. I got several loads of laundry done, too. I'm wearing a lot of black lately, between the two pairs of black jeans I own (well, the two pairs that fit), and black sweatpants and sweatshirts. So at least one load of laundry is just that. Wearing black doesn't mean I'm depressed -- it just means I'm feeling relatively Goth-y, but not so much so as to do Goth face makeup. I own black lipstick, of course. I just wish I could find my Doc Martens.

I painted my fingernails green. The nail polish looks dark in the bottle, but is a nice medium green on the nails. It's called "Emerald City." I've gone through gold, black, bronze, various pinks, burgundy, blue and green in the last few weeks. They were alternately black and bronze, and then just black, for Hallowe'en. It's more for my own entertainment, really. Someone did ask me if I was going Goth when I had them black. I'm feeling more like sticking with the blues and greens for a while, and maybe doing some pinks in there every so often. Getting my hair dyed is another sign that I'm relatively cheerful. I think I've pretty much gotten all the extra dye out. I've been washing it every day since I got it done. It's four inches shorter now that the hairstylist cut off the split ends, but still long enough to pull back into a ponytail. It still takes a while to dry, too. But the shampoo and conditioner from the salon are nice. They were expensive, but they make my hair much more silky than the dollar-a-bottle shampoo I've been using.

I've rewatched some of the subtitled Eskimo Kiss Project ( episodes of Alles Was Zahlt ( I was really surprised how much German I'd learned since watching them a few weekends ago. They said "tot" a lot in today's episode, after a character got killed off. I haven't seen the subtitled version yet. Edited to add: I saw the subtitled clips, and would have liked to have seen what Mike's ghost said to the characters he loved as he bid them goodbye. I'll watch the original again and try to pick out more of the words. It's making me sad, though.

I watched some older episodes in which Deniz was put in jail, although he was innocent. I could pick out "unschuldig" when he said he was innocent. There's another episode in which Deniz calls Roman a "little hysterical bitch." I've watched that part of the episode several times, and learned the word "hysterisch."

Roman answers Deniz with "I am not hysterical." Cracks me up every time. I love that the character was originally meant to be a diva. That particular interview translated what Dennis G. said to "hearty diva." I don't know what the German word was, but it's not the standard word that translates to "hearty," I don't think.  [Edited to add: Apparently it was supposed to be "diva with a big heart."] 

I looked at one of the textbooks J. brought me again. It had the informal word for "Good-bye," which sounds phonetically like "chus," but is apparently spelled "Tschuss!" I can't look up the word if I don't know how it's spelled. The dictionary didn't even have the word for "bitch" that Deniz uses. I'm sure it's something highly colloquial. Edited to add: It sounds like "sicher," but the dictionary didn't have that.  [Edited: it's "Zicke".  Apparently the exchange went something like Deniz saying Roman was a "kleine hysterische Zicke" and Roman responds by saying "Ich bin nicht hysterisch!"  Thanks, B.  Too funny.]
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