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thinking about TV and fics

I've been thinking about how I'd still like an historical Klaine fic set mostly in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance.  Kurt and Blaine would be a few years older than high school.  They wouldn't live in Harlem, they'd just come for the music and culture, as many residents of other parts of New York City did at the time, and meet there.

Kurt could be in love with Mercedes' voice, as he is in canon.  Mercedes could have a crush on him like she had in "Acafellas," and have people telling her that it's hopeless.  But Mercedes would be a major character.  Unique could be in it, too.  There were drag balls, so at least on occasion Unique could dress like she wanted to.  It wouldn't be drag to her, but it would be an outlet for self-expression that was available at the time.  Too bad I can't write.  Maybe there are already fics with that setting and time period out there.
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