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quiet day so far

Thinking about starting laundry later, especially as my pillowcase now has streaks of auburn on it. I figured it would, but I can just put bleach on the stains, since it's an old white cotton pillowcase. Washed my hair a couple of times this morning to try to get more of the excess dye out. Cleaned up the contents of two big (and very full) tote bags, one I used to take to roleplaying games, and one I used to take to work. I ended up getting a small bag of trash, a full grocery bag of recycling, another bag of roleplaying game folders and papers, and some folders of important paperwork. I also found several glow sticks and a bunch of temporary tattoos in with the roleplaying game things. I knew they were in there. I'll take the majority of the tattoos in to the GLBT office, and give them to H. and friends. I had reason for wanting to get the big butterfly ones at the time, for a certain character, but I don't have a need for them now. I had much more reason for getting the rose ones, and I still have use for them.

Finished Strange Fortune, which I stayed up for several hours to read one night when I inexplicably woke up at 4:30 a.m. Usually if I'm asleep by then, I stay asleep. I only had about fifty pages left when I put it down to get a couple more hours sleep, and went back to it again today. I thought it was quite good. I would have gotten it even without all the goodies offered along with it. I really like the tote bag they sent, though, and the character interviews and story giveaways online. I might have held off on getting it until Christmas though, if it hadn't been for the time limit on the giveaways.

The book was an excellent blend of action adventure, understated romance, and magic. Although set in a sort of alternate India, it reminded me in some ways of the Europe of Sarah Monette's Melusine series. Strange Fortune was much easier to follow as far as language went, although all the non-English words and dialects in the Melusine series were easy enough to figure out from the context. Strange Fortune didn't seem as deeply Indian in flavor as some things I've read, but it had a quite well-drawn version of the relationships between a colonial power and the natives of the country.

I put some orders in at Giovanni's Room. Lee Rowan's Tangled Web was already on order there. I had thought it was supposed to come out at the end of October -- I have October 23rd noted -- but it apparently hadn't gotten there yet. Since I hear that Personal Demons is available in print now, I ordered that. I also ordered The Complete Dr. Fell: Lost. I'm fairly certain I have all of the Dr. Fell stories in their electronic versions, but it will be nice to have it all in print.

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