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I was thinking again of Unique revealing herself as Ryder's catfish in "All or Nothing."  Unique had said she was a "proud Black woman," so I found it especially sad that she'd used a picture of "a cute blonde" as her avatar, although she was right about not being Ryder's "vision of beauty."  LfT had been saying all season that Rynique would be a thing, and Mr. Souffle wrote the lovely, fluffy "Now I'm a Believer."  I wrote to Biyuti about the fic before it was all posted, because I trusted that Jamie would get it right.  They loved it and just wished it were longer, which was my reaction.  I wanted more of that world.  The story was complete in itself, though.  As I said at the time, it may have ruined me for any other Rynique fiction.

But there's at least a one-sided Rynique in canon, now.  I've said several times that Marley and Unique's friendship is the most interesting thing about Marley to me.  Ryder said he wasn't ever going to talk to Unique again, but hugged her during the Regionals celebration.  The new kids will have to rebalance their friendships and alliances.  In "Feuds," Jake seemed pretty sympathetic to Unique, saying that glee club was the place the kids could be themselves.  I'll have to watch that for the wording.  But Jake at least understood about prejudice, as he gets mocked for being biracial.  He knows about racism, and is the one who gets to talk about it.  He also gets the anti-Semitism that Rachel and Puck didn't get.

Mercedes told Jake he was sexy.  Most of the girls seem to think he is, from Unique thinking he was cute (I think it was in "The New Rachel") to Marley, to Kitty sometimes.  Jake is a dancer, so he expresses who he is.

I'm curious to see where Rynique goes.  It won't be easy, but it should be interesting.  I find Unique a sympathetic character.  I'd like for her to be developed more.  Ryder showed that he was transmisogynistic in "Feuds."  It will take some work for him to get through his prejudices, including about what his "vision of beauty" is.  I hope more of Unique and Ryder's interactions in season five is from Unique's point of view.

Unique to Ryder: "Because I know I'm not your vision of beauty."  This was on why she used someone else's picture.

Unique to Marley: "And you don't know how long it's been since I felt this close to someone without all of this getting in the way."  Unique gestures to herself when she says "all of this."  She's explaining to Marley why she catfished Ryder.

Unique to Ryder: "So I got a picture of a cute blonde to make you like me back."  Unique told Ryder she liked him.

The catfishing plot got a fair amount of time in the McKinley storylines.  I was hoping it wasn't Unique, but I thought in the last couple weeks before "All or Nothing" that it would be her.  When the summary said that Marley lied about being the catfish, I knew there was only one person she'd protect like that.  Unique is one of the Glee characters who has a story about prejudice.  Many do, but hers is more overt than some of the others. 
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