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Wednesday so far -- visit from relatives

I got sleepy around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night, and lay down at 9:30.  I slept until 10:30.  I got up, but was still sleepy.  I went back to bed around midnight or so, I think.  I woke at 9:00 a.m. because Mom was yelling something.  I had been dreaming about getting more tattoos.  I've been pretty satisfied with the one I have for twenty or so years.  I don't think I necessarily need to get more.

I finished up an editing job.

J. and K. came around 12:30 p.m.  We had a belated birthday lunch for him.  I suppose it was also a belated Mother's Day lunch for Mom.

It was raining off and on.  In an off period, I went out and took pictures of the orris, which is blooming.  I have another tiny iris blooming.  I wonder if it's Iris cristata.  I took pictures of the white lily-of-the-valley.

J. and K. only stayed a couple of hours.  It was nice to see them, though.

Later: TallCR said he really liked Lord and Master.

I went out with Mom, so she could practice driving for the first time since her cataract surgery.  We went to a corporate park a little after 7:00 p.m., figuring that it would be quiet by then.  It was.  Mom drove in there for a bit, and said she was good to drive.  I said that we might as well go to the nearby AT&T store, so I could pay my phone bill.  That strip mall parking lot was busy.  Mom didn't seem to have a problem, though.  I paid my bill, and Mom drove back home on [busy road].  I was surprised she'd drive on [busy road], but she felt confident, and did fine.

Later still: I talked to A. for about an hour and a half.  I had been writing things on Tumblr.  There was talk of slash fans, and the inevitable accusation of "fetishizing."  I gave my viewpoint.  I don't think of myself as "fetishizing homosexuality."  I identify as queer myself, and have gay friends who know what I read.  Some of them read m/m romances, too.  I've seen some hilarious reactions from some of them to some of the romances they read.  They're certainly not "fetishizing."  They think some books are more realistic than others, which I do, too.  I think part of it for me is that I enjoy male viewpoint in a romance.

More often than not, I don't see slashiness in a TV show or movie that others see.  Like I didn't think The Avengers was slashy at all.  There are some shows that are absolutely filled with Ho Yay, like Glee, which has canon gay characters.  Like Santana said, "Every time you think it can't get gayer, it does."  There are other shows that seethe with homoeroticism, or so I hear.  I'm just coming to it from a different point of view.
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