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Monday so far

I went to bed around midnight or a little after and woke at 8:30 a.m.  I called Dad around 10:00 a.m. and left a message asking how Mom was doing.  He'd taken her in for her cataract surgery.  She called back to say they were on their way home.

I called J. and wished him a happy birthday.  He said that he and K. and a couple of friends were planning on going to the National Zoo.

Mom seemed to be relatively okay when they got home.  Her eye was completely dilated and teary, and she said it hurt, but aside from that she looked normal enough.  I took her on an errand later on.  I'll be taking her to her opthamologist's appointment tomorrow.

Mom had gotten an audio book, Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  We listened to the first disc.  Apparently there are two characters named Will Grayson.  The Will Grayson in the first chapter seemed decent enough, but the one in the second chapter was awful.  It went back to the first one in the beginning of the third chapter, and that was the end of that disc.  That's pretty confusing as an audio book.  I don't know if we'll listen to more.  I might get the print book out from the library.

Later: On December 30, 2011 I had gotten Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday Novella by Susan Mallery and put it on the Sony 950 e-reader.  I am going to assume it was a free promotional that day.  Mom had read most of the Fool's Gold books.  She hadn't read that one because it was an e-book only.  I volunteered to read it to her.  We got about 20 pages into a 51-page novella when she started snoring.  I woke her up, but she was snoring again by page 32, at 9:30 p.m.  Well, it had been a wearing day on her body.  She said she thought she had a sinus infection, too.

Mom went to get ready for bed.  I finished reading the novella.  It didn't get too graphic.  I'd told Mom that if it got graphic, I was just going to say, "They fooled around" instead of reading the events specifically as they occurred.  I said I'd finish reading it to her after she saw the doctor tomorrow.
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