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Saturday so far

I got very sleepy around 11:00 p.m. last night and went to bed not long after midnight.  I woke at 8:30 a.m., so at least it was light out by the time I woke.  I was online for a while, and also got quite a bit of laundry done.

I went out to the Indian grocery.  Friday is the day they have goat curry, and I missed that.  They seem to have chicken tikka masala most days, though.  I got that and paneer butter masala, a naan and mango drink.  I had some of each of the masalas and the naan when I got home.  The paneer butter masala was relatively mild.

I may go to today's Nook class.  I think it's good for me to get out and see people.

Later: I went to the Nook class.  A man named H. was there when I got there at 3:45 or so.  He said the teacher of the class had stopped by a few minutes ago and said that she'd be back closer to 4:00.  A woman and her mother came up.  One was L., I think?  Sometimes I can remember the first name I hear when people introduce themselves, but not more than one person's name if they're in close succession.  The woman teaching the class was V.  Apparently she'd been showing Nooks to the ladies right before she was to teach the class, and they came up to the class to see more about them.  It is an intro class.  H. had gotten his Nook HD about a week ago, I think he said.  He'd written down questions.

It had been a couple of days since I'd read anything on the Nook.  When I turned it on, it came up with the books I'd had on Fictionwise.  Apparently they had been converted over after all.  Some were six hundred pages, when in one case the print book is three hundred pages and the PDF is two hundred.  The good thing is that I can lend some of those books out.  I'll tell TallCR.

Later still: TallCR was interested.  I told him I'd test out the "Lend Me" feature on him.

I didn't watch The New Normal, but many of the people I talk to online did.  Tiger Cub wrote an interesting article about factors he felt led to its cancellation:

Uly was a big fan.  He could identify, I'm sure, having adopted two children with his partner.
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