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very early Monday

I'm *still* feeling like a troll for writing this:

I'm trying to tell myself that it was quite justified, and really I know that.  I talked to A. for a couple of hours, and had him read it.  He thought it was reasonable.  A., who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said that he didn't think I had an accent, which was kind of the point of what I said about dialect and accent.

A. said that just because you're a fan of someone, it doesn't mean you can't keep your eyes open and critique them.  I know what's going on.  It's something ingrained about it being wrong to speak up, especially about groups of people who are getting prejudice, and I know that's twisted.  It's in itself an additional layer of the oppression.

Added Wednesday: I felt a lot less like a troll when I saw one eighteen-year-old girl's comments on the gif.  She said that she told terrible, shitty racist jokes among her friends, and that was just fine because she told jokes about upper-middle-class white girls, too.  So she didn't think people should be criticizing him.  Later in what she wrote, she said that race was an outdated social construction and people needed to get over it.  All of which proved my point about privilege.  Not that that helps anything.

It's one thing when someone is ignorant of their privilege, but it's a lot worse when they know they're saying or doing is shitty and they just don't care.  I am aware of a number of my privileges, and I know what ways I'm not privileged.  It's a mix.  Honestly, it is.  It's just very rare that I talk about the ways I'm not privileged on here.  I liked AfterElton because when I talked about gay men, it was the next best thing to saying it to people's faces.  I knew that I could be called out.  There were times that some of the men jumped to conclusions about what I was saying, or were just being curmudgeons.  That happens in other places online, too.  I basically got to know who was a curmudgeon, and I understood that some had reason to be bitter.  I was thinking other words than "curmudgeon" to go with "bitter," but A. can say those things and I'm proving my point again.  There were times I didn't word what I was saying well enough.  Now that it's The Backlot, I have a lot less places to discuss things there.
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