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Sunday so far

I went to bed not that long after midnight, and woke at 9:00 a.m.  I wasn't feeling too good yesterday, but today I feel better.  I worked on an editing job.  Apparently werewolves are getting passe.  I have worked on and read so many romances with werewolves in them.  So one of the jobs I have now is were-cats.  These characters can change to lions and tigers and whatever.  The last time I did an editing job with shapeshifters who were feline, I felt the need to make a note saying that cats have barbed penises.  Thankfully, not this time.  So it's already been a relatively productive day.

I'd like to get out to a public garden today or tomorrow.  Tyler Arboretum is relatively cheap and has dozens of lilacs, which should be in bloom now.  Winterthur, which is a museum that has gardens, is more expensive, but easier to get to for me.  The Delaware Art Museum is free from 12-4 Sundays, but I'm still not that sure exactly how to get there.  All I remember is "Augustine cut-off."  I kind of know how to get to the Hagley Museum, and I don't think that was too expensive.

There's a really nice Goodwill just on the Pennsylvania side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, on the northbound side of Concord Pike, so I could do some shopping, too.  A lot of people in the area go to Delaware to shop, because Delaware is the land of no sales tax.  Also there are a lot of liquor stores right on the Delaware side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, but state stores in Pennsylvania are open on Sundays now.  I've just about talked myself into going to Delaware.

Later: As I noted in my next entry, I didn't make it to Delaware, but I did get to the Tyler Arboretum.
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