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Friday so far

I got really sleepy and lay down at 11:00 p.m. Thursday.  I figured I'd wake back up in the night, and I did, at 1:30 a.m.  I finished up an editing job.  I had just wanted to read through it a final time.  I fell asleep again around 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., and woke at 8:30 a.m.  I wasn't moving very fast.

I got the iTunes version of "Wonder-ful," and watched that.  The wrongly-timed commercials that the Philadelphia Fox affiliate put in took out some of the scene with Mercedes and Mike talking to Jake about how he should be a leader, and the first part of Burt, Kurt and Carole waiting to see what the health news was on Burt.  I had seen a promo with the Mercedes, Mike and Jake scene.  I was glad to see the whole scene with most of the Hummel-Hudson family.  It was a "good news" scene.

Burt expects that Kurt will get married and give him "grandbabies" someday.  It's the show itself that talks about marriage, and now about children, for Kurt.  It's not just fan fiction writers.  True, Burt has some heteronormative expectations, but Kurt said in the first episode of the third season that he wanted to be married by thirty.  Blaine is talking about wanting to marry Kurt now.  They've both in canon thought about marriage.  The ring box scene wasn't canon, sadly, but Kurt and Blaine wanting at separate times to get married is.

Blaine asked Burt to wear a rainbow pin.  Blaine formally asked Burt for his blessing for Blaine wanting to propose to Kurt.  Burt was discouraging of that, but told Blaine that it would all work out.  I think it will sooner or later.  I'm okay with Kurt and Blaine being best friends with benefits for some time, but that's not where either of them are emotionally, I don't think.  It may be drawn out for another season.  I hope not, but I guess we'll either find out next episode or find out next season.

I went out for a while to smell the lilacs.  The flowers on the Judd viburnum are fading, but still have some scent.  I rubbed the leaves of the sweet briar for that fragrance.  The geraniums are blooming, and the pinks.  The sweet woodruff is starting to bloom, and the white lily-of-the-valley is in bud.  The ferns look really good.
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