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TV watching -- "Wonder-ful"

The Philadelphia Fox affiliate broke into scenes with commercials, so I missed a few minutes.  I'll get the episode on iTunes so I can see those parts.

(Added later: I got the episode on iTunes.)


Burt's cancer is in remission.  Kurt and Carole were thrilled, of course.

As had been in spoilers, Blaine wants to ask Kurt to marry him.  Burt discouraged him.  Blaine was going to ask Kurt in the hallway at McKinley, but instead asked Kurt if he would stay for Regionals.  There are supposed to be so many cliffhangers in the season finale, perhaps Kurt's reply is a cliffhanger.

Mercedes had a storyline about producers liking her voice but not her appearance.  She decided she would make her own CD.

Artie is going to college in Brooklyn.  He had a discussion with his mother.  I don't know how accessible things will be for him, and he worried about that, too.  Artie also didn't want to leave his mother alone.

Jake and Mike danced together.  I'm sure those who know dancing will be able to appreciate it much more than I did, but I am assuming they looked really good.

Blaine was supportive of Kurt when Kurt was so worried.  Mercedes was supportive, too.

The sycophants were back.  That made for four gay characters in the episode.  It's not as high as sometimes -- eight in "On My Way" -- but it's still representation.  One of the sycophants was named Bernard, I think.  They made that particular Rachel scene bearable.  Kurt assessed them earlier in the season and said he'd dealt with much worse than bitchy gossip.  When he's dealing with other obviously gay men, ones who are non-violent, it's a level playing field.  I really enjoy the sycophants.
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