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Monday so far

I went to bed not that long after 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night and woke at 8:30 a.m.  I was reminded by what I read online that Darren Criss was going to be on the Today show.  So I sat through a few minutes of talk of a controversy I know nothing about, then talk about shoes, and then he was on for a few minutes.  They played a snippet of one of the songs he'd written and performs himself.  He got a chance to talk a little about his upcoming concerts.  He was cut off somewhat on this, but he was saying that 80% of the time he forgets the lyrics to his own songs, which they really should have let him say completely.  Most fans know to expect that, but it would have been funny for the casual viewer.

I want to finish reading A Midcoast Murder, which I only have a couple of days left to read, and I'd like to do some editing.  It's a good day for it, since it's raining.

A few hours later: I felt I should get out of the house for a bit, so I went to Barnes & Noble.  I didn't take my Nook with me.  If I go to tomorrow's class, I'll bring it then.  The store is woefully short on Victorian history, but the brick-and-mortar bookstores don't have as much in the way of books as they used to.  I got Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition by Daniel Okrent.  Island of Vice talked about how saloons were not supposed to be open on Sundays in the 1890s, and said the drinking age in the early 1890s was sixteen, although it would soon be raised to eighteen.  It stayed eighteen in New York for a number of decades -- well, with no legal drinking during Prohibition, but plenty of speakeasies.  I think it went to twenty-one nationally in the late 1960s or early 1970s.  Of course this doesn't stop teenagers from drinking.

I drank some when I was twenty-one, but not that often, because I was usually the driver.  My friends and I would go to gay bars in Philadelphia, mostly Woody's.  I think I only went to a bar that wasn't a gay bar once or twice in the time I was over twenty-one at college, but I'd get to a gay bar at least once every couple of weeks.  Woody's had a night where they let younger than twenty-one into the top floor, confined them to the top floor, and served soda there.  That was on Wednesdays.  They played music so loud that you couldn't actually talk to anyone, but that wasn't limited to Wednesdays.  If I remember right, the bars on lower floors were quieter.  It was the dance floor that was so loud.

I think there are more places for gay kids who can get to cities to congregate now.  There's the William Way Center in Philadelphia, and I think a number of places in New York City.  More colleges and universities have GLBTQ associations.  Some high schools have Gay-Straight Alliances.  There's a lot more than there was in certain areas.  Things have changed in some places.

S.M. called because she was having computer problems I could have figured out for her if I'd been able to see them, but can't do over the phone.  We played phone tag for a bit, and then by the time we caught up with each other she seemed to have most of them worked out.  It's two meetings for garden club on Thursday, one the regular business meeting and one the annual meeting.  That's a lot of sitting there.  The group is talking about going to the Jenkins Arboretum after the meeting, so that would be something.  S.M. says they have azaleas there.  Our azaleas at home are in bud, but not blooming yet.  S.M. says hers are in bud as well.  I've got to remember to bring my camera when I go over to her house.

Later: I read 170 pages of Last Call.
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