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I am noting that the "Kurt's Singing Voice" thread on the Glee Forum seems to have died.  It's a shame, because I learned so much from it.  Also, there are three or so Kurt solos and a few duets that weren't reviewed.  Hopefully Glorfindel will pick back up with it during the hiatus, but she was pretty upset about the end of season three, and then she was very busy with real life.

I will watch "Lights Out" again.  I had no problem with the aerobics scene being arguably fanservice, but apparently I have a thing for people who look like butch Israeli girls, which reminds me of stories about I. from college.  I. started out as C.K.'s "hag" -- actually, we used the first half of the phrase as well -- then moved to Israel and came out as a lesbian.  She and J.A. were good friends.  J.A. and I were friendly, but with issues.  (Also I thought she was cute, which wasn't especially an issue.)  She was very big on vegetarianism, and I ate meat.  J.A. said that the only real women were lesbians, and I would say, "But I like men," which infuriated her.  I saw her at an alumni meeting for the GLBT group, and she hadn't changed from being a lesbian-feminist vegetarian.  I would say I've changed back in the last couple years from identifying as bisexual to saying what I originally said, that I don't feel I have a sexual orientation one way or another.  It seems more inclusive.  Wow, and off-track I went.

Perhaps I am insensitive or jaded, but I am fine with "gratuitousness" when it's Blaine.  (He looks considerably older than seventeen to me, despite being smaller than football-player size.)  I am also fine with "gratuitiousness" when it's Jake.  Perhaps Jake will become the next heartthrob, like I just heard speculation about.  The girl students look too young for me to be interested in.  The only male student who actually looked like a teenager was Kurt.  It's a thing for actors playing high schoolers to be ten years older than the characters, like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek.  Offhand, one female character I've thought was really attractive was Mike's mom, partly because she looked a lot closer to my age.  I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not into teenaged girls like I was when I was a teenager.  Artie is kind of nerdy-cute.

Ryder was called "Frankenteen 2.0," which referred back to Finn.  Ryder is generally nicer, though.  Except for Kitty, most of the new New Directions members are nice enough.  I am still not interested in Marley.  (*spoilers*)  The description of an upcoming Glee episode says that Marley says she's the one who was catfishing Ryder, but it's not really her.  This makes me think it's got to be Unique, which would send a very disappointing message.  In fact, I expect that it would be enraging for those who identify with Unique and some allies if it was her.  I'm waiting and seeing to see who it is.  I am really hoping it's somebody else, though.  Celeste, even.  The identity of the person catfishing might be a cliffhanger, but I don't think I'd care that much if it was a cliffhanger.  I'll see.

The talk I saw of a historical AU being set in New York City made me think I'd like to see a historical AU with older-than-high-school Kurt and Blaine hanging out in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance.  They might just really appreciate the music and the relative acceptance of queer people among certain circles of the Renaissance.  Many notable writers, artists and singers of the Harlem Renaissance were gay, lesbian or bisexual.  I have read my share of books about the Harlem Renaissance and the people heavily involved in it.  Also I've read "Smoke, Lillies and Jade" and quite a bit of the poetry of the time.  Perhaps there are already AUs about that time and place and the characters.  It would give the Klaine of that era a chance to interact with Mercedes, Jake, Matt and Unique, and the David of the Warblers.  Kurt could love Mercedes' voice like he does in canon.
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