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I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast on costuming.  Clothing is not a topic I know much about, but the panelists hit a lot of key quotes and meta, I thought.  Racheline Maltese (hereafter in the post RM) seems to be an expert on clothing.  The other podcast participants were very up on costuming meta as well.  That was actually a group I would have loved to have talk about queerness on Glee.  They got a bit into clothing and gender, but there's so much they could have said about gender on Glee.  It's a rich topic.  Some of them have addressed it repeatedly in their writing.

Kurt would mix pieces of women's clothes into his layers of clothes while he was at McKinley.  I think those knee-length sweaters were women's clothes.  His transparent raincoat was, though that wasn't obvious to me from him wearing it.  I saw it modeled on a mannequin, probably a post reblogged from Fashion of Glee.  And so interesting that he chose a raincoat that you could see his clothes through.

There was a pretty thorough discussion of color meta.  There was a discussion of Kurt and all the death symbolism in his clothes and accessories.  One of RM's favorite topics is Kurt and death.  Kurt does seem rather otherworldly sometimes, and then sometimes he's very much present in the world.  It changes.

They talked about Blaine, and how he's positioned femininely on the show, which I keep hearing about.  I don't see as much as others do, as much as I loved Sue's line about how she'd mistaken him for "a butch Israeli girl."  I would have thought a girl who looked like that looked attractive, too, but there's a certain gentlemanly butch look that really works for me, regardless of gender.

The group said how Dalton colors were the reverse of McKinley.  There's a lot of meta about Dalton being another world from McKinley.  RM has posted extensively on that, too.

They talked a bit about Unique, and how she's managing to make boy clothes look feminine.  She's doing what she can with what she has.

They talked about Brittany and Santana and Quinn.  I loved Quinn's Skank look.  She looked great with a pink streak in her hair.  I've seen artwork of Kurt as a Skank, too.  He looks pretty good with a pink streak in his hair, too, or so I thought from the drawings.  Also I liked the piercings.  I guess I'm just really into some AUs, and that gets pretty AU.  Again there are such rich possibilities.

The participants were saying they could do a sequel.  I'd be okay with that.  You could talk for hours about the costuming on that show.

I'd really like podcasts on queerness on Glee.  I'd like podcasts on just Kurt and Blaine, but there are lots of other characters, too.  But it would be very easy to talk for hours about the queer characters on the show.  As I've counted, at times there are seven or eight queer characters in an episode.  That didn't happen on shows when I was younger, at least not on network shows.  It's quite a change.

I need to make an "online acquaintances" tag.  I wouldn't say that I'm "friends" with someone I haven't spoken to in real life, but I correspond at least every so often with Jamie, RM and Teile.
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