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saw online about concerts

I caught up on Tumblr, and saw where Darren Criss will be doing concerts this summer.  Among others, one's in New York City -- I have cousins who live there, one's in Philadelphia -- I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and one's in Silver Spring, Maryland -- J. (my brother) and K. (my sister-in-law) live in Baltimore.  I texted J. about the Silver Spring one.

E: Darren Criss -- I am a fangirl -- is having a concert at the Fillmore Silver Spring on June 30th.  Do you know the venue?
J: I am working now.  I'll go with you to Silver Spring in late June though.
J: Oh god, just Googled him, what have I got myself into?????
E: Thousands of screaming teenaged girls.
J: I'll drive you to the metro and we'll call it even.
E: We'll talk.
Tags: event, family, tv

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