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Monday so far

I lay down at 11:00 p.m. or so last night, and slept on and off until 6:30 a.m.  I felt alert enough when I woke at 6:30 that I didn't think I'd be able to get back to sleep.  I went online for a while.  I don't know why it takes me so long sometimes to write an e-mail, but one took quite a while.  Large parts were on how "fruity" (Roz) or not Blaine comes across as.  In canon, he's straight-passing when he wants to be, or was for West Side Story, anyway.  I think the other characters at McKinley compare him to Kurt, who was consistently presented as not able to pass as straight.  Kurt was generally considered to be flaming, though, sometimes actually in so many words.

Once again there was a discussion of Rachel's line about how Blaine could give her "vaguely Eurasian-looking children."  One way or another that comes up every few weeks.  I think it's probably the most quoted line of the show in the corners of the Internet I'm in.

I went outside for a little while.  It was kind of cool out, but not cold.  Something had eaten parts of 'Paul Neyron', though it left the new leaves.  I had sprayed the rose with Deer-Off, too.  I sprayed it again, since it had some leaves left.  I found another tiny rose in the herb garden.  It was pretty well leafed out, and seemed to have several canes, each about three or four inches long.  That makes six of the roses I got as one-year roses still in the herb garden.  Hopefully 'Dove' will come back from being eaten.  It had a leaf bud swelling a couple of inches off the ground, so it's still alive.  They're own-root, so they do come back from the roots.  'Souvenir de la Malmaison' is in there, too, and that looked okay.  It hadn't been eaten, anyway.  The Red Rose of Lancaster is on one side of the herb garden, and the White Rose of York on the other.  A few years ago when I said that to E.W. and A.G., A.G. said there was a battalion of weeds in between, which was accurate.

The dill, basil and thyme have not been eaten by animals yet.  I need to check on the daylilies, and spray them with Deer-Off again.  I went back to the winter honeysuckle.  It still has a few fresh flowers, and is all leafed out.  I heard buzzing in the vicinity.  I grow a number of plants that are very attractive to bumblebees, which I have mixed feelings about.

Slightly later: I did laundry.

(*warning for GLBT slurs, most of them used on Glee*)

Later: I went through and read the Glee reactions I'd written up as I saw the episodes.  The first episode I saw when it aired was "Original Song."  After that I saw "Rumours," "Prom Queen" and "New York" of the season two episodes.  I saw most of the season three episodes as they aired except for "Asian F" and "On My Way."  I've seen all the season four episodes to date.  I have the DVDs of the first three seasons, and have done marathons a couple of times, most lately summer of 2012 before season four began.  I had seen the first half of the first season on DVD before seeing "Original Song."  At some point early on in my viewing I said that Kurt was a flaming queen, with the disclaimer that some of my best friends were flaming queens, which was true at various points in my life, including in high school and college.  It never meant that I didn't see the character as a person, just that I was very familiar with certain mannerisms and was politically incorrect about it.  A big message of the show is that using descriptions like that is bullying, but that's one of those things I wouldn't say to someone in real life unless they knew me well and knew where I was coming from.

I wasn't sure how to refer to Unique at first, but she introduced herself as Wade.  I think I started using female pronouns fairly early on in the fourth season, as she made it clear how she wanted to be addressed.  I learned a lot from Biyuti.  I was more politically correct when it came to Unique, but I was a lot more polite with the transsexual women I was friends with after college than with the gay men I was friends with in college.  I was more mature by then and the women didn't use slurs to describe themselves and others like the gay guys did.  The guys generally either called me "the bisexual fag hag" or described me as "a gay man trapped in a woman's body."  Occasionally they called me a dyke.  No, they weren't consistent, except for the descriptions being about queerness.  The modeling I got of terminology carried over.  By the time I volunteered for the GLBT organization at the college I'm an alumna of, I was much more polite with everyone, though S. got to know what I was thinking.  I was pretty careful on AfterElton (now The Backlot), but found that some of the guys were curmudgeons anyway.  This is the online place I express myself most freely.
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