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Was at the secondhand bookstore pretty much all afternoon. Last night I'd put up a Christmas romance display. I would have put up Hanukkah, Yule, or Kwanza books if we'd had any, of course. The romance donations we get seem to pretty much be from straight white Christian women, judging from pretty much all the ones I see. Occasionally you'll get a romance novel in which one of the characters has a disability. I picked up one in which the woman was a paraplegic. It started out with her being independent and feisty, and good at her job. It quickly went to the guy carrying her around, and I gave up on it at that point. One of Christine Feehan's has a character who had had his legs shot up and otherwise damaged by the bad guys so badly that he was in a wheelchair. (*spoiler alert*) He ended up having his legs healed through some kind of psychic power/super-technology combination. During the course of the book, the wheelchair-bound guy is put in the situation of shooting, knifing, and otherwise killing a dozen bad guys while his legs are still useless, then gets healed up later. Towards the end of the book, there's a sex scene which egregiously has him having sex standing up, to show how well he's healed. I just thought it felt so added-on, and just insulting to disabled people generally. Now I'm wondering if the twin brother characters who got tortured severely in other books in that series will have their scars healed up by the psychic power/fantastic machine or whatever it was. They hadn't in the next book in the series, as far as I know. It's the "Game" or "Ghostwalker" series, which isn't a bad series, although the characters have kind of cartoonish superpowers.

I was meaning to post about a flower-arranging book. (It's my LJ, I'm completely self-indulgent on it.) I took a look, and it had the most beautiful pictures of flowers and herbs. But I complained to the woman who pointed it out to me that most of the flowers and the herbs would have wilted at the beginning section of the garland by the time you got to the end of it. I've tried to use most of the herbs and flowers in arrangements -- that's how I know which ones wilt in five minutes. I've tried putting the herbs I pick into water right away, and then putting them in water with floral preservative in it as soon as I get into the house. They still wilt in fifteen minutes. One of the roses photographed to be put into an arrangement was 'Duc de Guiche,' which I'd barely heard of despite my extensive collection of books about Old Garden Roses. "Can you even get that commercially?" I asked. "I haven't seen it in any American antique rose catalogues." I just looked it up, and it's available from Peter Beales. So it is available commercially if you live in Great Britain.

What else? Oh, the soap opera is posted early in America. I planned to re-watch a couple of episodes from early last week, and today's episode, which apparently airs at 7:05 p.m. in Germany, was already up online by 5:00 p.m. It had a couple brief scenes with Roman and Deniz gossiping about seeing Richard Steinkamp having pool-sex with Celine. I think a couple of the characters who work at the center were asking Roman and Deniz if someone had peed in the pool, and if that was the reason Simone was so obsessed with getting the water in the pool changed. Then the Center employees asked Roman and Deniz if they'd had sex in the pool. (I think that's what they said.) Roman and Deniz denied it, though I don't think they mentioned about having sex in the men's locker room that night, or about the previous dozen times they'd had sex in the men's locker room. I'm eagerly awaiting the subtitles for this one. Eskimo Kiss Project will probably subtitle the Marian/Jenny scenes, and maybe the Max kendo scene and what Max does right after that. I am tired of seeing Max, Lena and Simone all cooing over baby Alexander, but sometimes Max does other interesting stuff. He's plotting on the phone to do various things to people, though I don't know what. But you know it's a nefarious scheme. It's interesting to see what parts I get right, and how accurate my guesses are from the body language and the one word out of twenty or so that I get. I'm pretty sure I completely got the "Did someone pee in the pool?" question right, although I didn't get that much of the answer. Will post on how well my interpretive skills worked for that.
Edited to add: Yes, I got that line totally right. I also got the gist of "Did someone have sex in the pool?"
I didn't know all of the words, but I guessed Deniz's following line, which was "Not us." Note that Roman and Deniz do not say a word about how they themselves had sex in the men's locker room. (Edited further to add: In a later episode, when someone asks where Deniz is, Roman replies that he's "floating in the pool of sin." Just another example of how characters remember things in this show, although that was very recent.) The Eskimo Kiss Project people suggest that instead of Roman just giving Deniz a smack on the butt for being a gossip, he should give Deniz a proper spanking. They have quite a healthy sex life as it is -- I don't know that they need to add that to their repetoire. I'm just happy with them being lovers. Much nicer to watch than some of the other couples on the show.
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