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rambling on my part about TV meta -- podcast

I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast about perceived disabilities on Glee.  The avatars of the participants were popping up completely randomly every couple of seconds, and one person just had a black screen.  The only person's voice I recognized was Jak's, because of her Southern accent.  The panelists stayed on topic pretty well, and covered one character after another in a decent sequence.  Except for Jak, I have no idea who said what.  The panelists didn't preface their comments with their names, but perhaps they thought the avatars were showing up as they should.

First they talked about Brittany, about her face-blindness.  They talked about what a commenter identified as auditory processing disabilities.  I think there are reasonable arguments for those things.  Someone talked about how they thought Rachel was narcissistic, which I thought was also quite reasonable.

Kurt got a couple of possible diagnoses.  One was that he was depressed for parts of seasons one and two, and then again for parts of season four.  They thought it was situational depression.  Another bit of discussion was that he had traits from the autism spectrum.  The panelists said "high-functioning," which terminology ("high-functioning"/"low-functioning") I believe is now looked down upon by autistic disability rights activists.  They mentioned the incomplete fic "Kurt Hummel Is Not a Cat," which took the premise "What if Kurt were autistic?"  They talked about how Kurt doesn't make eye contact, and how he stims.  I caught myself fidgeting that way at the same time they talked about fidgeting, which was disconcerting, but not hugely surprising to me that I'd do that.

Blaine got several diagnoses: anxiety, depression, cyclothymia and PTSD.  Cyclothymia is apparently like a mild version of being bipolar.  I could see how someone could perceive Blaine as going from hypomanic to depressed in cycles.  I thought there was a good argument for Blaine having PTSD.  Blaine usually puts up a good front, but I thought the theories about Blaine having anxiety and depression were reasonable.

The fictional Lima, Ohio seems to create anxiety and depression in a lot of characters.  It may be worse for the queer characters, but few characters seem untouched.

I wish I'd known who was talking when, but I thought the podcast was a pretty good one.
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