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Monday: Hey, it's still Monday in California. :) Made it to an appointment in the early afternoon, which was relatively good considering how I sleep all day and stay up at night. Went to Home Depot to get really big saucers for the really big pots I brought inside. I brought in a couple of begonias and a number of geraniums before a frost -- I think I posted about that before. The lemon verbena is still alive out there, if a little frost nipped, and the lemongrass is still alive (and green!), which really surprises me. The lemongrass is in enormous pots I originally had roses planted in. I think the pots are like thirty inches in diameter, and two or two and a half feet high. I know they take two forty-pound bags of potting soil each, so there's no way I can move them. Even Dad practically gave himself a hernia trying to move one of those pots. Otherwise he moves my potted plants all around within several yards of the back door when he's mowing. I have dozens of herbs and flowers planted in containers, and other pots around that just have dirt in them. Every so often I'll go looking for a particular herb, and find that it's disappeared because Dad moved it behind something else. The dill and cilantro disappeared because the rabbits or deer or groundhogs ate it, but the pineapple mint disappeared because Dad moved it. It took me months to find it again.

I got to K-Mart, and got another set of earbuds. The really cheap set I'd gotten at Wal-Mart turned out to have a very short cord. I kneeled to plug it into the microphone hole in the computer, then got brought up short trying to get as far as sitting in the computer chair. I had specifically looked for anything on the back of the package which mentioned the length of the cord, but nothing did. I don't see how someone with a long torso could put in the earbuds and then be able to listen to a device attached at his waist. So I got Sony ones at K-Mart, which at least listed the length of the cord. It's long enough for me to be able to put one end in the computer and sit up in the chair to listen to YouTube or music, which is what I wanted it for. I don't think I'm completely in the "if one is good, two or three or five must be better" stage. I wanted one to keep at home and one to take with me, and the one from the Dollar Store is already separating at various places. I trust that the Sony one will stay together for longer -- it does come with a ninety-day warranty. I'm not going to take the one from Wal-Mart back. I never take stuff back, because once I decide to get something, I don't change my mind about wanting it. Well, not with books, and you can't really take back food you've already tried. Also, those were only $2.50, and I've already ripped open the package and had the things in my ears. Rationalizations? Probably, but justifiable enough.

Tonight was a work night at the bookstore. We get a lot more done after the store is closed -- we can move a lot more stuff around. We put out a large number of Christmas books, and got the Christmas decorations down. I argued last year about waiting until after Thanksgiving to put Christmas-themed things out, but was told that people started doing Christmas crafts well before Christmas, which kind of made sense.

I watched Alles Was Zahlt. There was a very short scene which had an appearance by Deniz and Roman, which Eskimo Kiss Project will probably combine with other episodes which have more scenes with the couple. The show allows for viewers being aware of the layers of history associated with present events. It even allows the characters to be relatively genre savvy at times ( has explanations of "genre-savvy). The characters definitely remember what's happened in the past on the show, which really isn't the case for some shows. In the previous episode, Deniz and Roman and Simone, Richard's wife, all saw Richard hooking up with Celine in the Sport and Wellness Center's pool. Not the most private place they could have hooked up, but done before by a number of characters.

Roman and Deniz were seen making up from a minor, plot-contrived fight (during their first try at a relationship) rather publicly in the pool during the day. They were kissing, and Eskimo Kiss Project notes that Roman had his legs wrapped around Deniz's waist. Of course I had to watch that clip again so I could see that. Pretty much everyone in the city of Essen, and anyone who followed figure-skating news elsewhere in the AWZ world, was well aware that Roman was gay, and everyone at the Center knew that Deniz was gay. (That was before he showed anything but faked interest in getting involved with women.) So there was really no comment at all from the general users of the Center.

Roman saw Deniz and Vanessa making out in the pool at night, when the show was in the process of changing Deniz to straight. Eskimo Kiss Project has said there have been a number of other hook-ups in the pool. Which, kind of ick, but you figure it's chlorinated. Roman and Deniz have made love (and hooked up -- there's a difference) in the men's locker room many times. They even did it during that episode, when they were waiting for Richard and Celine to finish up so Roman and Deniz could go home without any really awkward run-ins. You figure people regularly clean the shower and floor of the locker room. At various times, you'd see one or the other showering/getting out of the shower, during their relationship and after they broke up, which is normal enough for a locker room, except that the characters clearly lusted for each other, whether they were together or not. Then there have been a number of scenes in which they're shown kissing, and starting to strip each other's clothes off. The locker room scenes which end with Roman's legs wrapped around Deniz's waist, you pretty much figure where that went.

Well, any scenes that end with Roman's legs wrapped around Deniz's waist, and them not being in public or getting interrupted, you know how it ends up. Deniz is the tallest of any of the regulars on the show, at least six' two" or six' three", I estimate. Roman is maybe five' eight" or five' nine". He may be taller than a couple of the women on the show, though they tend to be pretty tall. He's of equal height to the majority of the female characters, I think. So with the height difference, Deniz is the one who picks Roman up. Deniz is also supposed to be easily as strong as you'd expect from someone of his size and build. A running joke on the show is that Roman has about the same amount of strength as some of the women on the show, and some can easily lift things he can't lift. In real life, a figure skater would be very strong for his size, which I wish the show had considered. But I suppose it's considered funny to show Roman as having the same physical strength or less than the women.

I'm looking forward to getting the exact translation of what Roman and Deniz said this episode, but they were kind of giggly, so it's possible they were gossiping a bit. When Simone came in, the first thing she ordered was to have the water in the pool changed. I caught the words "Pool" and "wasser" in conjuction, so that's my guess. Also, Roman and Deniz gave each other looks after she said it, and then made themselves scarce. The woman she gave the order to, Frau Hipp, talked to Celine about how changing the water in the pool was Simone's first and top priority of the day, and asked her what she thought. Celine shrugged.

I don't know how much I'm into the hurt/comfort thing in the usual way, but I do like to see Roman and Deniz supporting and comforting each other. At different times, they've both really needed reassurance and a hug and cuddle. Depending if takes more maturity, Roman is the one who comforts Deniz. If it's something that has Roman the diva's nerves shattering, Deniz is there to cuddle him and support him. Roman thinks faster than most, and definitely talks faster than anyone else, so if the two of them are having a battle of wits with anyone else, Roman is the one generally fighting that battle. Deniz has gotten into quite a number of physical fights, first fighting the kids at school who teased him because they thought he was gay, then fighting with homophobic bullies, underworld people his father owed money to, and really generally anybody who's ready to get into a physical fight with him. This time around, they seem to be working harder to complement each other's strengths, and protect the other who is less strong in a particular way.
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