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Likeasouffle posted on Tumblr (likearumchocolatesouffle) about reading My Gender Workbook. It's a book I've heard about many times. It's on my "someday I've got to read this" list. Mr. Souffle wondered what Blaine would think. I agreed that Blaine had been "immersing himself in queer culture and history this season." It's canon that Blaine got his information about sex from the Internet. Actually, he and Kurt were discussing many GLBTQ political issues not long after they met, Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Proposition Eight among them. It's the episode where a little purse fell out of Kurt's mouth. But this season several of Blaine's performances have referenced gay men and gay male culture. He wore a leather Dom cap in one performance. That was only a couple of episodes before he said what could be interpreted as saying he wasn't a bottom. "And it's not true! Not really!" That left it pretty ambiguous, though I like to think that Kurt and Blaine switch.

I think Kurt does, or at least did, more to queer gender than Blaine does. He would mix pieces of women's clothing among his many layers of clothes. He told Mercedes, "Fashion has no gender." He was bullied by the other boys at McKinley partially for breaking gender norms, in my opinion. Being attracted to men is another way he broke gender norms as far as they were concerned.  Blaine doesn't get harassed for that at McKinley. Blaine doesn't get hassled for singing girl songs, either. He sings them in a lower key, though. Blaine has a lot of the same interests that Kurt does, but they're acceptable when it's Blaine. Blaine dresses outrageously, but they're men's clothes. I don't know about the capri pants. Many of the characters at McKinley seemed to think Kurt was girly ("Lady Hummel," "lady-fabulous," etc.), and Blaine doesn't get characters thinking that about him. Blaine is one of the bros, when Kurt never was.

I said that Unique had been learning about images of trans women in popular media, most likely teaching herself. I don't know what she's taking from that, because most are negative images. Unique self-identified as a "strong Black woman" and a "proud Black woman." Race and gender are taking fascinating intersections there with Unique. Unique is the one teaching herself about gender. Out of the boys currently at McKinley, Blaine may well be the one most up on gender issues, but he really hasn't been seen talking to Unique.
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