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Sunday so far

I fell asleep something after 5:00 a.m., after napping Saturday night between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m.  I woke at 8:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep.

I cooked basmati rice and went out to get a meat or vegetable dish from the Indian grocery.  They didn't have much out yet at 11:00 a.m., not even naan.  I got chicken tikka masala, which was one of two dishes out in the warming pans.  I didn't really need both naan and rice, anyway, though I love fresh naan.  The rice was good with the masala.  The grocery is closed on Mondays, but I'll finish up the chicken then and perhaps go there Tuesday afternoon to get something for dinner.  Mom is working the evening shift.  If I don't go with her to work, I'll have a curry or masala.

I went through a rewrite of an editing job I've been working on, one of the YA ones.  I thought the rewrite worked pretty well.  It was mostly a matter of the length of time in which the entire story took place, which had been quite compressed.  I got another editing job to do for this week.  It looks like I'll be keeping busy.

I went out to the gardens.  Something had eaten the 'Dove' rose.  I sprayed some of the other roses and the daylilies with deer repellant.  There were a couple inches left of the cane of 'Dove', and it's on its own roots, so perhaps it will grow back.  I'm kind of sorry Dad and I pruned "Maggie".  It doesn't seem to have any leaf buds at all below where we pruned.  'Maman Cochet' doesn't seem to have any leaf buds swelling.  We pruned that very little, but it is a Tea rose, and was in a pot, so perhaps it's just that it wasn't hardy.

I went out to the winter honeysuckle and the mahonia.  I could hear buzzing around the winter honeysuckle.  It wasn't warm out today, but it wasn't really cold.  Apparently it was warm enough for bumblebees to be out.  Most of the Old Garden Roses are leafing out nicely.  I want to spray more of them with deer repellant.

I looked at fics.  "Il Castrato" was just completed.  It must have been a few days since I checked Rainjoy's LJ, because there was another chapter of "All the Other Ghosts: Grey."  That's the sequel to "All the Other Ghosts."  Biyuti and I have been busy discussing fics in which Blaine is hapa, a couple of them early 1960s historical AUs.  From a little research, it doesn't look like Ohio schools were segregated then.  Certainly same-sex sex was illegal in most states at the time.  Times have changed.

Later: I did the first editing read-through of a short novella.  It's in pretty good shape.  It's turned out to be a fairly productive day, editing-wise.
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