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Thursday so far

I went to sleep not that late -- midnight, 12:30? --  and woke at 10:30 a.m.  I finished reading The General and the Horse-Lord.  When I talk about it for The Backlot book forum crowd, I'll say that it's about families as well as the protagonists, that they are in a community.  I'll say that there's plenty of plot besides the romance.  Also I'll talk about how it shows different generations of gay men.  Uly will love that the protagonists are older.  PaperMoon will like that the book has characters of different ethnicities.

I went out to the yard.  I went to the mahonia and winter honeysuckle, and looked at the roses.  The leaf buds are swelling on most of the roses, and some are leafing out.  The sweet briar is leafing out.  I rubbed the leaves between my fingers.  I remembered last year when it leafed out being full of joy at the scent of sweet briar leaves.  This year I was mildly happy.  I took pictures of the magnolia and daffodils.

Later: I ended up starting an author discussion folder for Sarah Black on The Backlot forum.  I couldn't talk about just one of her books.  Those AE members who have been reading the book forums for a while will remember me recommending at least a dozen of her works, from short stories to novellas to novels.
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