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It was a pretty productive day.  Mom and Dad and I went to Home Depot.  Mom wanted to look at grills, Dad wanted to get mulch, and I wanted to get flowers.  Mom and Dad took a brief look at grills.  They'll probably come back and look again.  Dad got mulch.  I got pansies, pinks, geraniums, herbs and flower seeds.  The herbs were $10 for five pots, which wasn't bad.  I got basil, German thyme, rosemary, and two pots of dill.  I got four o' clock (not the princess-packaged kind) and nasturtium seeds.  We got a bag of potting soil.

The pinks are a medium pink in color, and semi-double.  The petals have ragged edges.  I was down an outdoor aisle looking at pansies and could smell a spicy scent.  I found the pinks behind me.  Having a fragrance that travels a couple of feet is pretty good for modern pinks.  Most have little to no fragrance.  I got a variety of colors of pansies.  I got white, blue and white, light blue with dark blue blotches, light purple with dark purple blotches, white and deep pink, and deep pink.

When we got home, I planted all of the herbs and about half of the pansies.  I wanted to plant the lilies I got at the Flower Show, but Dad and I had kind of slowed down by then.  Maybe tomorrow.

I want to get bee balm, but it may be a little early in the season for that to be sold.  Bee balm is pretty hardy, though.  It's rather early for geraniums, too, but I might bring them inside when it gets cold and put them out on warm days.  They're not hardy.  Most pinks are pretty hardy, and pansies are very hardy.
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