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Tuesday so far

I lay down at 10:00 p.m. last night and woke at 9:00 a.m. this morning.  I have no idea.

I read some online, and looked at ARe to see if they had free Earth Day lead-up books.  Apparently not, or not at the beginning of April like they used to.  I'll have to check back.  I looked at "Free Reads" there and saw that Lords of Aether was up as a PDF.  Although I hadn't read it, I posted about it on the AE "Gay Books" forum.  There's only so much time left.  The forums will disappear on April 17th, and we won't get new forums for months.  I'll really miss having private messages, too.  I need to make sure my buddies have my e-mail address.

I went outside for a little while.  It was cold.  I regretted not taking more pictures of the crocuses before they got eaten.  They were scattered across part of the front lawn, mostly near the porch.  They were lovely.  I went to the mahonia, which has not been eaten, and to the winter honeysuckle.  Both had more flowers open.

I printed out a novella to do a second proofreading run on it.  None of my previous corrections were on it -- not of typos, grammar, anything.  I sent a note to the author saying that I'd gotten the same version as the original he sent me.  Hopefully he'll send the corrected version soon so I can go over that.

It's been pretty quiet so far.  I'll post if I read any original fiction.

Later: The author sent me the edited version.  I'm going to go over it again tonight and tomorrow.  I want to watch "Moulin Rouge" because in the story, the characters put on a play based on the movie.

Mom and I went to the library.  The DVD of "Moulin Rouge" was in, so I got that.  I got the fourth in J.R. Ward's Fallen Angels series, Rapture.  I looked in the catalog at Lover at Last.  It had forty-two holds on five books in the county library system.  The library system should have gotten more copies.  The book was a bestseller the day after it came out.  Apparently library patrons are okay with m/m, too, even in a fairly conservative county.  Well, it's a book meant for adults.  It's probably one of the first m/m romances in the county library system.  The library has the Troubleshooter/Seal Team Sixteen books, too, so it's not the very first.  I got Nine for the Devil, which is a John the Lord Chamberlain mystery.  I read the first eight.

I was reminded of the John the Eunuch books because I'm reading a historical fic set in Venice in the 1700s, a "what if Kurt were a castrato?" story.  He's celebrated for his voice and mocked for being a castrato.  Apparently that's a little sub-genre of historical fic that gives an easy explanation of how he can hit those high notes.  The one I'm reading is the only fic I've run across with that premise, but it seems like there are more.  The historical setting in this one seems to be pretty good, so I might be ruined for others anyway.
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