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last couple of days

Friday: Spent an hour at the bookstore, then went to the office of the GLBT organization at [local university]. I really enjoy interacting with the kids -- they're so much fun. I've been telling them stories about my time at [local university] and they're quite interested in how it was "back in the day." Got some good ideas to sort out captions for all the pictures and articles we scanned to put in an online scrapbook. H. and I made up a list of interview questions for the alums. We may well end up asking the current students some of the questions, too. It's interesting to hear that now the students are willing to hang out at local bars, while in the early- to mid-1990s, my friends had no interest in staying in the local area to socialize, but just wanted to go to gay bars, where they could be themselves. H. and I went to a vegetarian Indian restaurant, which didn't open until 6:00 -- we got there at 5:30 -- so we went to Party City, where I got various bits of Goth outfit and accessories and glow sticks, and H. got rainbow-colored false eyelashes, which she thinks various of the students will fight over, and streamers with bats printed on them.

Saturday: Driving lesson with P., after which we went to Wal-Mart, where P. saw everybody she knew, including her sister. I got blue, purple, and clear-with-sparkles nail polish. I already have black. I was looking at the greens, but they weren't good shades for me. After that, we went to the Dollar Store, where I found more glow sticks, including "fairy wands" and a "glow sword." I want to see the guys fight over them. I'm not entirely sure who's more the "fairy wand" type and who's more the "sword" type, although I can make some educated guesses. I know at least three of the male students who would wear the false eyelashes in a minute.

Sunday: Off to the Goodwill near the Delaware border. We missed it and ended up in Delaware, so we stopped at the Trader Joe's there. It was extremely busy, but I got some cool stuff. I hadn't been there probably in a couple of years. Went back up to the Goodwill, where I found a pair of jeans. It's hard to find jeans when you're rather overweight but petite in height, but Lee jeans generally seem to fit me well. Mom and I are talking about heading up to the Vanity Fair outlets in Reading to do some clothes shopping there. I like either very light blue jeans (teenager in the eighties) or black ones. The jeans I ended up getting are several shades (of blue) darker than my nails.
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