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I went to bed around 3:30 a.m. and woke at 8:30 a.m.  I have no idea.  I did my morning routine, re-read parts of Lover at Last, and sat under my lamp for a few minutes.  We left for Baltimore around 10:30 a.m.  I drove the first half of the way.  I wanted to go the scenic route, though, and Mom wanted to go on highways, so we switched off right on the Pennsylvania side of the Pennsylvania/Maryland border (near the Mason-Dixon line).  Mom drove on 95 for much of the rest of the way.  Route 95 is really not scenic.  I don't like that bridge across the Susquehanna River because sometimes there are bad crosswinds.  I'm not big on highway driving anyway.

We got to Baltimore right at 12:30 p.m.  It was nice to see J. and K. and Morris.  We went out to lunch.  When we got back to J. and K.'s house, J. put on the Phillies game on a Major League Baseball channel.  Mom and Dad had already set that game to tape.  It was an exhibition game anyway.  My overseas readers probably wouldn't have heard of the Philadelphia Phillies, but my American and Canadian readers will likely know about baseball.  I'm not sure who J. roots for now, but the Orioles play in Baltimore.  In all the years J. has been living in Baltimore, I have yet to get to Camden Yards.

Instead of bringing flowers to church on Easter to put on a cross, as used to be the custom, we're supposed to bring vegetable seed packets to attach to the cross.  I asked J. and K. if there was a Home Depot near them, figuring that they'd have seeds around this time of year.  J. and I went there.  I got garden beans (presumably what I know as green beans), peas and carrots as the vegetable seeds to bring to church.  I got pak choy, basil and calendula seeds for myself.  They now have some flower seeds packaged as what a Disney princess would grow, much of the packaging pink.  I thought it seemed sexist.  There's some other kinds of seeds, vegetable seeds, that seemed to be designated as what a boy would grow.  I would have preferred to keep gender-neutral seed packets for flowers and vegetables.  I passed up on getting four o'clocks because I didn't like the pink princess packaging.  I may get them later when I get used to the idea.  I like pink flowers, I wear pink clothes often enough, I just don't like gender forcing as much as that was forced.

The game ended a few minutes before J. and I got back, and Mom and Dad were ready to head out when we got back.  Dad thought 95 would be busy in late afternoon, and wanted to take Bel Air Road.  We ended up going the scenic route.  Dad drove at first, and then we switched off at a Wawa (tri-state area convenience store) in Harford County, and I drove the rest of the way home.  It took a couple of hours.  I don't think there's a huge difference in drive time between the big highways and the scenic route, actually.  We crossed the Mason-Dixon line twice in a day.

It was nice to see J. and K., even if it wasn't for long.

I read a little more of Lover at Last while Dad was driving.  I'm just re-reading the parts that have Blay and Qhuinn.  I posted to AE about Lover at Last on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forum.  I recommended it to those readers who would read the previous ten books.  I said they could get the books at the library.  A couple of m/m romance readers on that forum were thinking about reading Lover at Last without having read any of the previous books.  I didn't think it would make much sense that way.  I'll have to see if readers on that forum read the other books, and what they say.

AE is changing its name to "The Backlot" and going to a new format in mid-April.  Members will no longer be able to send private messages, and there won't be any forums for a few months.  Nothing will be saved of the old forums.  Someone recommended saving what readers wanted of their forum comments in Word.  There were already 500 comments on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading in 2013" forum, and it was still March.  I would have liked to have seen how many comments we could have gotten to.
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