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Thursday so far

Yesterday: I stayed up until 3:00 a.m., mostly writing for the last couple of hours.  Writing here and writing long private messages to people on AE takes longer than I think of it taking.  I had a big late-night snack around 2:30 a.m.  I'd had a big dinner at 7:30 p.m., and wasn't hungry again until 2:00 a.m.  We'll probably have boneless spareribs and fried rice again tonight.  I don't think there was any shrimp with snow peas left over.  There definitely weren't any steamed dumplings left over.

Today: I woke at 11:30 a.m.  I was a little groggy, but not bad.  I was pretty quick to sit under the sunlight-effect lamp and read more of Lover at Last.

(*spoilers for Lover at Last and previous Black Dagger Brotherhood books*)

Qhuinn and Blay finally had sex.  Sheet-tearing, bed-shaking sex.  I thought they would break the bed altogether.  In J.R. Ward's world, male vampires can have multiple orgasms.  Apparently they don't need refractory time.  It's her world, and I just go with it.

Out in the real world, I ran a quick errand.

I have a novella to go through for the third time and send back tonight.  I think it's in pretty good shape.  This is one of the YA ones.

Later: I went through the novella the third time.

Mom and Dad and I went to an Agape meal at church for Maundy Thursday.  It wasn't what I'd been expecting.  They held the entire church service first, before we ate, and the service started at 7:00 p.m.  I remembered that Mother G. did foot-washing. Several ladies went up to have that done. That was the middle of the church service.  The Agape meal, unlike in previous years, was a token amount of food.  I would have eaten before we went had I known that.  There were quarters of pita bread, cubes of cheese, and dates and figs.  There was enough for us to have a couple of each.
When we got home, we had the leftover food from yesterday's dinner.  Somehow I had missed yesterday that we had beef lo mein, so I had some of that and some of the spareribs and fried rice.  We finished up the rice and spareribs.

Mother G. had talked in her sermon about how some people only ate two or three times a week, and some only once a week -- she said on Sundays, which I took to mean she was talking about Christians -- and drank water the rest of the week.  Mother G. encouraged people to fast on Good Friday unless they had medical conditions for which they needed to eat regularly.  She said that when the people who were fasting felt hunger to think of it as what people who didn't live in North America felt.  I reflected silently that there were plenty of people in North America who went hungry.  I realize my privilege in having enough to eat.

We got to church rather early and I read a bit more of Lover at Last.  There's been a fair amount of Layla in it.  She's one of the Chosen, the servants of the Scribe Virgin.  The Scribe Virgin is not a virgin.  I'd say it makes sense in context, but there's really not a lot about the Scribe Virgin that makes sense.  Qhuinn had gotten Layla pregnant, and she was having a miscarriage.  (Added: But Payne fixed that.)  The doctor for the vampires wouldn't talk to Layla herself about it, but only to the Primale, who is in charge of the Chosen.  The society is sexist.  Phury ended up being the Primale when Vishous didn't want it.  Phury was in a fury.  He wasn't mad at Qhuinn for being someone with heterochromia who had sex with Layla, just that Qhuinn had had sex with a Chosen.  Having eyes of different colors -- Qhuinn has one blue and one green -- is considered an imperfection by vampire aristocracy.  Blay couldn't care less.  I don't think the Brothers really care either.

Layla has fallen for Xcor and vice versa.  She has no idea that he tried to kill Wrath.  She'll probably be angry when she finds out.  I feel kind of meh about Layla, like I felt meh about Cormia, though it was worse with Cormia.  Cormia had no personality at all, like a limp dishrag.  At least the Brothers have personalities.  Bella, Beth, Jane and Xhex have personalities.  Ehlena kind of had a personality.  Marissa really didn't, and I couldn't understand why Butch would pick her over Vishous, but there were a lot of readers who couldn't figure that out either.  It would have been a lot more interesting if Butch and V had gotten together.  Butch and V still have BDSM sessions together, which aren't outright sexual, though a lot about their relationship is a Ho Yay tease.  I mean there's tons of Ho Yay there.

I don't know if Layla and Xcor will have their own book.  It would probably have other characters' relationships in it, too.  Muhrder is still out there somewhere.  That would probably bring Xhex and Rehvenge back into the thick of things, if he showed up.  But I think there will be more of Xcor and his group.  Tohrment gets to kill Xcor if the Brothers catch him.  I don't think Tohrment would feel particularly merciful, but who knows what Layla would say.  But there's definitely been a lot from Layla's point of view in this one so far. 
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