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Wednesday so far

I got an e-mail from Barnes & Noble, as I do.  One of the bestselling books it had was Lover at Last, which is Qhuinn and Blaylock's story.  I went to the local Barnes & Noble and got it.  I read the first bit under my sunlight-effect lamp.

(*spoilers for Lover at Last*)

I wondered since when had Blaylock had sex with women, because I didn't remember that.  I remembered Qhuinn having sex with women and men.  Blaylock had had a boyfriend, Saxton, for a while when the book starts.  Saxton is Qhuinn's cousin, and he's a lawyer.  I am wondering if Saxton will become cannon fodder in the various conflicts the Brothers are having.

I made it to an appointment.  I had planned to meet up with S.M.  I experimented with taking back roads through the Main Line.  At one point I stopped and called S.M. to see if she knew which roads I should take from the road I was on.  She actually knew those back roads.  I got to S.M.'s house at the time we'd planned on.

S.M. had a number of crocuses blooming, and her daffodils were starting to open.  I'll have to bring a camera next time I go.

We worked together on the computer.  I registered for a garden club convention that will be held in southeastern Pennsylvania in April.  I helped her save and open e-mail attachments.  One set were scanned .jpg attachments.  I saved them and got them to open with Windows Photo Gallery, but couldn't print them.

A. and I were talking about chatting tonight, and there's another movie at the library.  I may just talk with A.  My visit with S.M. was a pretty productive one.

I'll add more if I read more of Lover at Last.  I was trying to explain to someone about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  "Zsadist is actually a masochist," I said.  "And if you smell baby powder, you know there's evil around."  I think it makes more sense in context.  Well, except for the part about someone named Zsadist being a masochist.  I love Z, but that's the weirdest Brotherhood name to me, considering.

Later: A. and I talked for about an hour and a half.  I told him about the disability and mental illness discussion.  He was following the Supreme Court cases.  I'd been hearing bits here and there, but he filled me in in considerable detail.  We talked about what I'd been editing, including the series with the space aliens and the tentacles.  I'd told him about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books before, but told him Lover at Last was officially about a same-sex couple, not a Ho Yay tease like previous books had been.  He remembered about all the extra "h"s and I reminded him about the three-hundred-year-old vampires speaking gangsta slang.  When we said goodbye, he said, "Beware of the smell of baby powder." 
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