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Monday so far

I went to bed before 2:00 a.m., but couldn't sleep.  I think I fell asleep around 3:00 a.m.  I slept until 11:00 a.m.  It was snowing.  It snowed most of the day.  I had plenty of editing to work on.  I went through a long novella for the second time.  I wrote various things online.  I did laundry.

I went out in the evening for wonton soup and shrimp with Chinese vegetables.  I got a quart of wonton soup and shared with Dad.

I wasn't moving too fast for the first part of the day, but I guess the editing made it a pretty productive day.

Because this is a totally self-indulgent journal, I'll write down the latest stuff online I was reading and writing about.  There's going to be a Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast about "Disability and Mental Illness."  I think mental illness could go under disability, but whatever.  There was much thinking from certain quarters that at least two of the panelists should be disabled.  I knew one had mental illness of some kind, because she blogs about it.  It was established to the folks who were asking that enough panelists were disabled in some way that they thought there was representation.

I felt that people shouldn't think they needed to disclose mental illness unless they're hurting someone or felt like they were going to.  For my overseas readers, there are laws about privacy on medical issues in the U.S.  There are probably better ones in the Commonwealth countries, but they do exist in America.  It's the Internet, and many of that crew aren't using their real names anyway, but it still felt like an invasion of privacy to me.

It didn't really occur to me that the people asking would insist on representation of disabled people on a panel if they were going to talk about disabilities.  I should have thought of it, because it is a social justice kind of crowd.  I wouldn't have really minded if it had been all able-bodied and sane panelists discussing disability and mental illness.  I would have figured that they might not know what they were talking about, but the insistence on representation beforehand startled me.

I noted that I'd expect that a panel on LGBTQ* politics and issues would have LGBTQ* people on it.  There would not be a problem finding queer folks among Glee fans.  I'm sure there will be a podcast about the queer characters of Glee sooner or later.  I also said that I'd expect that a panel about characters of color would include people of color.

Still, I didn't feel like there should be inquiry about medical issues.

As for characters with disabilities, I'm sure it will be mentioned that some of the actors playing them do not have disabilities.  It didn't occur to me to get upset about that, but some disability activists are.  It's commonly accepted now that white actors shouldn't wear blackface.  The disability activists call it "crip-face" when able-bodied actors play disabled characters.  It's true that there are few roles for disabled actors.

I have read my share of books about disabilities.  What I know about paralysis is from reading books.  Artie says things once in a while, like that Sam doing a body roll gave him "tingles in places that are only fifty-fifty for tingling."  I also noted the Ho Yay in that statement, but I caught that he was mentioning his disability.  I read meta that says that Artie "aggressively normalizes" himself.  Every so often there are plotlines about him being in a wheelchair.  There's been a fair amount about his interests, too, like that he wanted to be a white rapper and wants to be a director.  There's meta about how he's really the leader of New Directions, but likes to have a frontman.

I loved Betty.  I saw the second season of the Glee Project, and really liked the actress.  I hope to see Betty again.  She had quite an attitude.

There's much from some who write meta about how Becky and the actress who plays her are BAMFs.  For quite some time I thought that Becky only did what Sue told her to do, and then I realized that she was mean.  I only get about half of what she says.  My guess is that she has macroglossia, a relatively large tongue for the size of her mouth.  When I got Glee DVDs, I watched several scenes with her speaking with closed captioning on, and then I could appreciate it more.  I'm not particularly a Becky fan.  Then again, I'm not a fan of Quinn or notably a fan of Santana, either, and they were cheerleaders, too.  I'm definitely not a fan of Kitty.  She's mean, too.

I kind of like Emma.  She's basically kind and relatively functional for an adult at McKinley.  I don't identify with her.  I don't identify with any of the women or girls on the show, for whatever reason.  I understand Emma's disabilities.  I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion of her.  Her obsessive-compulsive disorder is one of the more obvious disabilities on the show.

I don't mind at all discussing characters.  As is obvious here, I don't think you have to be in a certain group to discuss that group.  I think people in whatever group will have a better idea of what they're talking about than someone not in that group, at least in lived experience.
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