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got to GLBT office

Got my GLBT history time in as H. and I developed titles to sort out different aspects of the online scrapbook we want to do, and developed questions for the GLBT alums who respond to our call for stories about their experiences on campus. Went to an Indian vegetarian restaurant for H. She's a vegetarian and likes Indian food, so that worked for her. The restaurant hadn't yet opened for dinner when we got there, so we went to Party City for a little while. They still had some Hallowe'en leftover things for sale. H. got rainbow-colored false eyelashes and streamers with bats on them. I got a pair of fishnet stockings (you never know when you might need them), fingerless black studded "leather" gloves, and a bunch of glow sticks. H. was working an 8-12 shift, so I took her back to her apartment to get changed for work. S. was there working on the GLBT organization's website with the former webmaster. I caught up with him. He told me again how much he loved Channeling Morpheus and asked me if there were more stories. We talked about how I dealt with reading stories which weren't so good, and how I could suggest edits to improve them. I told him that I really didn't like stories in which straight characters turned gay and gay characters turned straight. "So you want the characters to have the same sexual orientation the whole time?"
"Yes." And I said how I felt about a male couple adding a female character to their relationship. "It's not necessary."
"Just 'not necessary.'"
"Why can't they just have a story about the male couple? It's not necessary to put a woman in there."

I watched my soap opera when I got home. Deniz and Roman are actually communicating with each other, and working together instead of competing.
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