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Friday so far

I went to bed about 3:00 a.m. and woke around 9:00 a.m.  I decided I'd better stay awake.  I wasn't too quick to get going.  I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for a while.

It was kind of cold out, in the low forties.  I put my winter boots and heavy coat on, and went out to look at the early spring flowers.  I went as far back as the winter honeysuckle.  Dad was doing some yard work, and I ended up doing some, too.  I looked at the little roses in the herb garden, and it looked like one had had a cane eaten since yesterday.  I poured Deer-Off around the roses.  I sprayed Deer-Off over the daylily leaves, too, in where the rose garden used to be.  I cut down sweet shrub shoots that were spreading into there.

The 'King Alfred' daffodils are in bud.  I cut down some of the wild raspberry canes in the shade garden where the ferns are.  I don't think the astilbe is up yet, so it's a good time to weed.  I really got very warm while I was working.  I think it was the boots, and having my feet warm for once.  'General Jacqueminot' only has one cane, but it's leafing out.  'Salet' looks like it's still alive.  It's in a pot with crocuses.

Dad said he'd sent in an Arbor Day contribution somewhere, and that we were getting ten trees and two crepe myrtles.  I asked where we were going to put them.  We already have a lot of trees.  Thanks to me, we have a number of shrubs, too, some of them native to North America.

In a couple of weeks, I want to plant the lily bulbs I got at the flower show.  They're pink and white lilies.  Maybe I'll plant them where the rose garden used to be.  Those were Hybrid Teas, which just don't seem to do well here.  I think it's a cross between them not getting the care they need and it being too cold in the winter for some of them.  The albas and gallicas have done pretty well.  Dad said that 'Ispahan' was hard to mow around.  It's about 7' tall and 6' around in all directions.  That's a damask rose.  It's not as thorny as some roses, but it does have some thorns.

I cut down multiflora rose that was growing close to the house.  The birds love that and spread the seeds around, but it's a noxious weed.  I had originally planned to cut some dead canes from the Apothecary Rose, but it's very hard to tell at this point what's dead and what's alive.  You're supposed to prune it after it blooms, like other gallicas.  I'm sure I'll be out there pruning the once-blooming roses before they actually bloom.  They bloom on old wood, but I still like to try to get rid of the dead canes.

Later: I settled down and worked on an editing job.  I went through a long novella.  I proofread it and gave my general impressions of the book.  This one's a YA book. 
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