neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

TV watching -- "Guilty Pleasures"

I enjoyed the Blaine and Sam parts, and I enjoyed Kurt, though I didn't enjoy Santana or Rachel.  I'd been spoiled about the "boyfriend arm."  I only saw pictures of Kurt in a Richard Simmons get-up today, so I didn't get spoiled that early for that.  That was pretty funny.  I remembered Wham! being popular when I was a teenager.  That sequence was hilarious.  I would have liked "Mamma Mia" better without so much Rachel.  I expected there to be more visuals of Blaine in that.  Blaine had his hair straightened for the ABBA look and fluffy for the Wham! look.  The ABBA costumes were great, too, for all of the current ND members.  I'd like to see stills or freeze-frames of those.

Sam was cool about Blaine's crush on him.  I liked that.  The macaroni art was hysterical.  I thought the Kurt one was particularly inspired.  It was for the most part a fairly humorous episode for the characters I care about.  I don't know much about dance, but I thought Jake's dancing was good.  On balance I would have liked more Kurt and less Rachel.  I thought there was a good amount of Blaine storyline.
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