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Wednesday so far

I read Bait by Alex Sanchez last night.  What had happened to the protagonist, Diego, was what I thought had happened to him.  It wasn't as dark a read for me as I expected it would be, though I'm sure it would be triggering for some.  Mr. Vidas was pretty matter-of-fact for the most part.

I went to bed around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. -- I don't remember exactly -- and woke a little after 10:00 a.m.  I had followed up on asking for a new editing job to do, and got that today.

I cooked some basmati rice.  I went to the grocery store I go to a few times a week, and then to the Indian grocery.  I got a couple of masalas, chicken tikka masala and a vegetable one that had potatoes and maybe green beans or okra in it.  I think it was tinjara (?) masala -- something that started with a "t."  I got a naan.  When I asked what was in the vegetable masala, the young woman waiting on me asked if I wanted to try a little.  It was spicy but tasty, so I got some.  When I got home, I had all of the vegetable masala, which I'd gotten a half pint of, and some of the chicken tikka masala, which I'd gotten a pint of, with some of the basmati rice.

I went out to the back yard for a while.  The pink sweet violets are in bud.  They don't have a scent, which defeats the purpose, but they're pretty.  They're spreading around the very large pot (24" across?) that I put them in.  There's a rose in the middle of the pot.  I think it's 'Mme. Ernst Calvat'.  I'd have to check the label.  The multiflora rose -- which is an invasive weed we did not plant -- is leafing out.  I looked in the herb garden.  There are a couple of roses I got as one-year roses that seem to still be alive.  Some were eaten down to the ground, but I guess there were two the animals missed.  One is 'Prairie Star', which is a Buck rose.  That's starting to leaf out.  It's right by the west side of the house, where it's warm and somewhat sheltered.  Buck roses are pretty hardy anyway.  All the little roses we planted in the herb garden were on their own roots, so I'm hoping some come back from the root.

The Tea roses all seem to still be alive, and the Bourbon roses.  Rosa rugosa alba takes quite a while to break dormancy, but it's very hardy.  The Hybrid Perpetuals look all right, and the old European roses I have are very hardy, some to Zone 4, a couple to Zone 3.  The lilacs have leaf buds swelling.  The sweet woodruff has tiny rosettes of leaves starting to come up.  I took pictures of the crocuses and the snowdrops.  The snowdrops are starting to look a little worn.  There are daylily leaves coming up in what used to be the rose garden and is currently being taken over by the sweet shrub, though the last couple of years the daylily leaves were eaten.

There are a lot of florets on the mahonia, with the lower flowers opening.  When it's fully blooming I'll take pictures.  The winter honeysuckle has some bloom and some buds.  I'm pretty sure most of the flowering branches are on the top of the shrub, though.  I want to cut the dead branches off of the winter honeysuckle, but at this point it's hard to tell what's alive and what's dead, because the branches are all gray.  There are enough of the winter honeysuckle flowers blooming that you can smell the fragrance at a little distance.

The daffodils in the herb garden and on the little hill behind the house are in bud.  I think most of that is 'Ice Follies'.  They're extremely tough plants.  I checked on the blue sweet violets, but they're not doing much.  I didn't see any buds.  The most exciting garden news today is that the pink sweet violets are starting to bloom.

Later: Mom and I went to the local library to see the movie "Evita."  It had Madonna and Antonio Banderas in it.  For some reason I thought the movie would have more literally what happened, but it seemed like the movie must have reproduced the musical relatively faithfully.  I haven't seen the musical.
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