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Sunday so far

It was quiet.  I finished reading Boyfriends Who Have Girlfriends, a YA book by Alex Sanchez.  I had read it before, but had remembered more of the beginning than the ending.  TallCR is reading The Administration series.  (Added: I haven't read it, but it's by Manna Francis.)  I recommended Buildup: Mindscan by Jules Jones, which I'd recommended on earlier "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forums.  CR said he didn't mind books with sex scenes.  Because he said that, I recommended Sean Michael and B.A. Tortuga.  "And there are cowboys!" I said.  I was talking about the Roughstock series, which I'm following.  I looked at Sean's website and then got Wallflowers, which was published by AQP.  I had mentioned the Jarheads series on the Gay Books forum.

I went outside for a little while.  It was cold.  The winter honeysuckle is starting to bloom, and a few of the lowest flowers on the florets of the mahonia are open.  Some of the Dutch crocus are blooming, the purple and the Pickwick.  (Pickwick is white with purple veining.)  In a few days I'll cut some stems of the winter honeysuckle to bring inside.

I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast.  The indicators for who was talking weren't working.  The participants were pretty good about prefacing what they said with who they were, so it was better that way than the first podcast.  Racheline Maltese introduced herself in the beginning and said her name a few times thereafter.  I'm getting to recognize her voice from other podcasts.  She doesn't have what I think of as a notable New York accent, but I suppose it's a Mid-Atlantic state accent, or Northeast accent.  I guess it's close enough to mine that I don't hear it as an accent.  I learned to talk in a New York town that was basically a suburb of the Bronx.  Mom was born in Manhattan and grew up in towns close to New York City, and Dad grew up in northern New Jersey, so I suppose they have Mid-Atlantic accents.  Of course I don't notice them as accents.  Nana A. had a recognizable New York accent.  She was born in Manhattan, too.

Jak was good about saying when it was her talking.  I'm getting to recognize Jak's voice, too.  She has a Southern accent, or so it sounds to me.  I was interested in hearing what lurkdusoleil, a.k.a. Riah, had to say, as well.  I've read a number of her posts, Glee-related and not, in the last few months.  Likearumchocolatesouffle recommended her for her spelling and grammar posts.  Caitlin didn't say much.  I didn't get what her online name was.  There was supposed to be another participant, but they had technical difficulties and apparently couldn't link in to her.

(*spoilers for the fic*)

The panelists had some interesting things to say about "All the Other Ghosts."  They mentioned how the Ghost/Phalanx fans were part of the story, too.  Some of the panelists had gotten into that quicker than others.  It surprised me, but I got to like it well enough.  At one point there was a cliffhanger with the Ghost and Phalanx and then fans talking, and I skimmed to get to what happened to the superheroes and then went back to what the fans were saying.

"All the Other Ghosts" had an interesting take on Big Name Fans, I thought.  The panelists didn't really get into what the Big Name Fans in "All the Other Ghosts" were privately going through.  Blackbindings had serious mental health issues -- depression and maybe anxiety, I thought.  She was known for elegant writing.  Draxie wrote a lot, but didn't think of herself as that great a writer.  She was working "three dead end jobs."  Paleandghostly lived in a trailer, taking care of her mother, who apparently had Alzheimers.  I think it was Paleandghostly who said she'd come out at sixteen.  I thought the panelists would touch on how some fans live in dire poverty, and some do have mental health issues, but they didn't go there.  You just need a computer and Internet connectivity to be an online fan like that.  I thought of some "real life" online fans of Glee who say they have mental health issues, or are really hurting for money, and some are Big Name Fans.  Glee has plenty of GLBTQ fans, too.

RM the moderator -- RM makes for the most confusing initals for someone who talks about Glee -- kept the panelists on track and posed questions and comments for them to address.  Something that real life podcast fans commented on was the beauty of the Ghost and Phalanx's relationship, but the panelists didn't really get to that.  If I am remembering correctly, there was a good bit about the relationship of fandom to the superheroes.

I was taken by the Ghost's personality, how he cared for people.  He didn't think of himself as a hero.  Phalanx started out as a fanboy and then became uncomfortable about the fandom writing erotica about him, which was funny in context.  I actively avoid Real Person Fiction, but this was a take on it that didn't involve real people, so I was okay looking at what it might be like.  There were a lot of echoes of what celebrity might be like when you're trying to help people.  Phalanx had a sunnier personality than the Ghost, so it seemed to me.  Phalanx and the Ghost were both likeable in their own ways.

The fan freakouts in "All the Other Ghosts" were clever.  Paleandghostly was a voice of reason, and sometimes bitchery, though I felt it was justifiable bitchery.  Some fans were very protective, and some very curious about Phalanx and the Ghost, and some were both.  Blackbindings was shy.  She was young, but from other fans' descriptions of her writing, she could write about the pain of life.  I liked Draxie.  She tried to stay pretty moderate and level, from what I could tell.  She was one of the erotica writers.  It would be awkward for an erotica writer to meet the people they wrote about.

The Ghost was uncomfortable with celebrity, and Phalanx had been on the other side of it, so he was sort of more comfortable with the fandom, awkward as it got.  He was certainly familiar with it.  He could realize exactly what was going on, which was also funny in context.  Apparently I'm familiar enough with fandoms to realize what was going on, which was entertaining for me if a little scary in the realization of how much time I'm spending at the computer.

I'll read the transcript of the podcast, and probably listen to it again.  Podcasts don't necessarily allow for in-depth analysis, but I thought this one was good.

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