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I watched parts of "Feud" again, and read meta about and recaps of it.  On AE, the recapper called Blaine a bossy bottom.  There was some complaint that she was inaccurate in her recaps.  I said that she didn't do literal recaps, but freeform interpretations, and said what she would have liked to have happened.  I figured if there was going to be a knowledgeable discussion about being a bottom, it would come from some members of AfterElton.  There were a few takes on that.  I repeated there that there was nothing wrong with being a bottom, but I can only go with the "some of my best friends are bottoms" card.  Yes, people I know in real life.  I think there will be more discussion of that on AE.

Blaine did quite well with pretending to be submissive, anyway.  I liked angry!Blaine.  Sue attacked him in a few ways.  Blaine is sensitive about his hair.  He recognizes when things are expensive, but it seems like he's never needed to worry about money.  That privilege was taken away from him.  So was the assumption that he was a top.  That was an interesting reaction from him (  "And it's not true!  Not really!"  My head canon is now that he and Kurt switched.  It would have been better if it had been "Blaine is a bottom."  I could see how that wouldn't fly on network TV, though.

It seemed like Blaine had some internalized homophobia.  He's never been shy about talking about sex, but I noted that he didn't want what might be his preferred sexual role/position announced to western Ohio.  To me, it doesn't matter so much what physical position he took, but the hints in "I Do" were that Kurt was running the show when he and Blaine had sex, at least in that episode.  I can easily imagine Kurt topping from the bottom on a regular basis.  It doesn't hurt to speculate about characters.  Canon has now given us some great images and lines to go with.  Once again it's given the mainstream U.S. (and international) audience a look at assumptions about an aspect of some gay men's sex lives, even if they didn't use the phrasing the gay community actually does.

Unique was given a serious storyline.  A transmisogyny storyline had been set up for her months ago.  It's now very clear how she identifies, no matter whether she's forced to wear boy clothes or not.  She said she was a "proud Black woman."  I miss the happy place likeasouffle's fic had given me.  I wrote to Biyuti to tell them about that story before Mr. Souffle had completed it, because I trusted he'd get it right, and what I'd read so far that night had been awesome.  They loved it.

Ryder seemed to have learned something, though.  He didn't understand, but he was willing to accept what was true for Unique.  LfT is still convinced that Ryder and Unique will hook up sooner or later.  I don't know.  If he was respectful, maybe.  I think she deserves better, but I don't think she'd find better at McKinley.  Unique was harassed by cis girls, too.  I thought that was realistic enough.  At least she has friends in the glee club.  Her friendship with Marley makes for the most interesting to me interactions Marley has.  I like Jake, but Unique is still my favorite of the new kids.

Jake understands about racism, so he can understand about Unique that way.  It's interesting to me that the biracial character who gets racism from the white students and prejudice from the Black students is the one who's allowed to talk about race.  I've seen meta that Rachel shut down Mercedes from talking about race because Rachel thought she herself might be mixed race -- didn't know which dad was her biological dad.  Now that Rachel is gone, it's an open topic.  Rachel never shut down Mike, but Mike was pretty quiet anyway.

Glee is not ignoring that Unique is both Black and a trans girl.  There might not be so much of the audience that identifies with her, but of those that do, I'm sure she's very special.  She's presented sympathetically, and she has a voice of her own. 
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