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my various names

I actually didn't set out to use several different names online.  I was playing a Vampire Live-Action Role-Playing game -- I describe LARPs as a cross between Dungeons & Dragons and amateur theater -- and had made up character names for several characters.  I used last names from rose cultivars.  That's how I got my e-mail address.  One character got a name that was a play on Neyron rose.  My name is not actually 'Paul Neyron'.  I comment on WordPress blogs using "neyronrose."  I have a name I use on AfterElton.  I have other names I use in other places.  I didn't intend to use different names, but I don't mind that I did.  Most places where I comment or journal, it's "neyronrose."  I find the names easy enough to keep straight because I answered to them as character names.

LJ is where I speak most freely in public posts.  AfterElton has a number of bitchy people (and some trolls), so I'm more cautious there.  Other than those two places, I don't post much.  I'm using Tumblr mainly to put up flower pictures.
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